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Basket - Artifacts

Image Basket
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One circular basket of bamboo. A disc- or wheel-shaped basket made of 16 ribs of plaited bamboo strips that rise, like petal shapes, outward to form high sides, then dip inward to a concave center that supports a circular receptacle. The 16 plaited lobes resemble hair braids in design. The basket stands on four pointed sections. The bamboo appears to have been stained and/or varnished, while the inner side of the center receptacle is stained dark brown, as evidenced by traces of light brown visible under the weaving. A circular light brown stain on open-work lattice bottom points to something having been set on it (converted into a lamp) withing the receptacle. Basket was used for ikebana flower arrangement. Hand-made, probably for ikebana flower arrangement. The four points of the bottom show signs of wear (scratches and broken ends of some strips). One dark brown stain, about 1/2" square, on top of one of the 16 lobes. Stains on inside and outside of lattice bottom.
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