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Costume - Artifacts

Image Costume
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Cantonese opera costume 1a: Hoy Ching in apple green, double breasted and tied on the side, long water sleeves with a white end piece ( this ending piece is about 13 inches) elaborate embroidery on front and back sides of the costume. Embroidery in patterns of orchid flowers and leaves, made out of sequins in white, silver and lavendar blue. Hoy Ching is men's costume usually worn by scholars. 1b: bib with two thin strings in apple green and white, silver and lavendar blue sequins. Stains on top back and front of the bib. 1c: Possibly a Jaat Gun Hat. Also in apple green with same color sequin embroidery., 12 decorative sequin flowers top of the hat, a plate and a tail attached to the plate. (With the Hoy Ching the whole set could be a Mun Goon Po outfit.)
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