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Book - Library

Book bound with hard cloth cover, made in Japan, title: Fujin Mondai, by G. Mumeo. Drab olive green cover embossed on front with stylized leaf and flower design and on back with circle. Spine has dark blue cloth dovering with title of book in gold embossed Kanji, smaller print Kanji and Hiragana below. Painted in white over lower characters the number 396 0. Inside front cover a single diagonal open pocket holds library card with title, author, and borrower;s name and date checked out and barracks number. Dates from Aug. 31, 1944 - August 4, 1945. A smaller leaf page is glued on opposite the card and records same check-out dates. On the title page is stamped, on top, "Minidoka Japanese Library". One page 473 is stamped in blue with "Made in Japan, Taishodo, Seattle Wash.", a Seattle bookstore. The title "Fujin Mondai Sixteen Ko" is "Women's Studies 16 Topics."
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