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H: 6.25" W: 4.5" D: 1.25" 3 volume set of brick colored cloth cover stiff back books, the titles are embossed in gold on the cover and spine. They all have maps and black and white photos throughout. Green and red cloth place marks. Each one is: "An official Guide to Eastern Asia Trans-Continental Connections Between Europe and Asia." "Prepared by the Imperial Japanese Government Railways Tokyo, Japan." A: Vol I is on Manchuria and Chosen was published in 1913; There is a separate map of Eastern Asia in a back pocket. B: Vol II is on South-Western Japan and was published in 1914. C: Vol III is on North-Eastern Japan and was published in 1914. Vol I is bowed and worn. The binding is tearing on second page. Vol II and III have torn binding inside the back covers.
An Official Guide to Eastern Asia
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