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Leather cover hardback book, "Glimpses of the East" Front and back covers are orange colored leather. The front has the title embossed in gold. Beneath this is an embossed illustration of a winged figure wearing a helmet and holding a small ship. The figure knells on a globe with gold rays and blue continents. Beneath this is a life buoy with a flag and "N.Y.K. Line" across it. On the left is "1931" and on the right is "1932" The illustration is in blue, white and gold. The spine is leather over cloth. The title is at the top embossed in gold and black and then there are 5 diamond shapes with floral designs. At the bottom is "NYK OFFICIAL GUIDE" The right side of the spine and the left edge of the front cover have masking tape over them. The inside of the front cover is a map of the world. There is a purple round stamp at the top: "Property of the Rainier Club. Do Not Remove" There is a penciled signature at the top of the inside page and in the upper right corner is : 69.99" Half of a yellow Goodwill sticker is below this. The inside back cover also has a purple round stamp from the Rainier Club. Found inside the book is a receipt - B. The book has glossy pages with black and white photographs, illustrations and advertisements and color photographs. Each section has a thumb indentation on the outside page edges. There is an index of advertisers and countries at the front. See also: 1998.122.3 B: Kitchen Check, H: 6.25", W: 3.5", It is green with a white top header. Printed across the top is: "KITCHEN CHECK" Stamped on the back is: "KOZO NAKAYAMA, 3052 19th AVE. SO. SEATTLE, WA."
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