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a-p: Sixteen Chinese books; a: "Biographies of Cheng Families Among Overseas Chinese" by Cheng Shan-Cheng. b: "Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Spirit of Revolution and Devotion in Learning" by Cheng Yin-Fun. c: "Historical Sketch of Overseas Chinese Loas" by Shin Tzun Kang. d: "Rangvon" by Chen-Fan Chang. e: "Biographies of Chen Families Among Overseas Chinese" by Chen Shu-Yi. f: "Historical Sketch of Overseas Chinese in Vietnam" by Lu Shi Peng. g: "Djakarta" by Wang Hsiu-Non. h: "Selection of Patriotic Literature" by Chong Yi-Ming. i: "Economic Reconstruction in Taiwan" by Wong Fung Ming. j: "Lin Sen" by Sih Yian-Cheun. k: "Africa and China" by Ma Pien Chien. l: "Manila" by Chen Lieh-Fu. m: "The Resources of Nanyang" by Tsai Kwang-Hwang. n: "Historical Sketch of Overseas Chinese in India" by Tai Tze An. o: "Irrigation Reconstruction in Taiwan" by T.L. Chang. p: "Australia and China" by Ta-Jen Liu.
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