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Korean Americans. Foreword / David G. Horner. -- Congratulations / Chung Gi Kim. -- Introduction / Ho-Youn Kwon. -- Keynote address: Dealing responsibly with discord / Paula J. Trout. -- I. Ethnic perception: self and others. Majority Americans? perception of Koreans in the United States ; Shame and confusion among Korean-American youths ; Ethnic perception in Biblical and other literature / Everett Jackson ; Ethnic identity in first, 1.5, and second generation Korean-Americans ; Home vs. homeland. -- II. Trends of interracial marriage and marital conflicts. Korean intermarriage ; Attitudinal survey on dating and mate selection among Korean American college students ; Bi-racial marriage between Korean women and American servicemen. -- III. Education and career. A modern experiment in educating the children of Asian immigrants ; Education and career development in multicultural society. -- IV. Interracial conflict and resolution: business and politics. Community-based disaster management ; Los Angeles "riots" and the Korean-American community ; Political economy of Korean-African American conflict ; Perception and reality of the relationship between Korean merchants and African-American customers.
Korean Americans: Conflict and Harmony
Kwon, Ho-Youn
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