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H: 7.5" W: 5" D: 1.375 Blue cloth hard back cover book. On the cover in embossed black across the top is: "Japan: An Interpretation" with a line above and below. Across the bottom is: "The Macmillan Standard Library" with a line above and a line below. On the spine embossed in gold is the title, author and publisher. Written in ink on the inside cover page is: "Bryan Wright Tokyo Japan 2/28/17. On the pages prior to the title page is the content page and a misplaced page from the introduction. The title page reads: "Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation By Lafcadio Hearn. Honorary Member of the Japan Society, London, formerly Lecturer in the Imperial University of Tokyo (1896-1903), and Fourteen Years a Resident of Japan, "Perhaps all very marked national character can be traced back to a time of rigid and persuading discipline" - Walter Bagehot. New York The Macmillan Company London: Macmillan and Co., LtD. 1913." There is a square purple seal stamp on the center of the page.
Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation
Lafcadio Hearn
Macmillan and Co., LtD
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