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Hitler's SS: Portrait of evil: Over-all look at Hitler's regime, focusing on Helmut and Karl Hoffman from when they join the Nazi camp to when the Third Reich begins to collapse. 1985, 145min. Eagles attack at dawn: Covert rescue mission to retrieve Israeli commandos from a Syrian prison, involving the Israeli Army and Security Services. 1970, 96min. Commandos: U.S. Army Sgt. Sullivan trains a group of misfit soldiers to take over an Italian camp in North Africa, but some unexpected twists get in the way of their completing their mission. 1968, 98min. Go for broke!: Lt. Mike Grayson's prejudices against his men in the mostly Japanese-American volunteer 442nd Regimental Combat Team slowly and completely dissolve by the end of World War II as they courageously fight for the USA against Japan. 1951, 90min.
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