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Album, Photograph - Photographs

9 soft cover maroon books titled "Art Work of Seattle & Alaska" The Photographs are: A: Mt. Olympus, Lining a vessel through five fingers, the largest fir in WAshington, The dividing line between Canada & Alaska, Leveling the hills of Seattle to put up skyscrapers, an eskimo belle, second Ave., Bird's eye View of Seattle, Carpet of Moss in the forest near Seattle B: Eskimo Chief, Mt. Rainier from Lake Washington; Giant Fir, bird's eye of Nome, Nativ eHouse - Captain's Harbor, Large Firs, Mickaninies Laundry, Gold Shipment, Tundra Mining. C: Two bits, White Horse Mt. from the north, Road through a fir forest, Family of King's Island Eskimo's, Mt. Anderson, Artic Mushers, Cascade Falls, View of Seattle Park, Polar Bear Hunt, Winter in Little Creek. D: Surprise Falls, Six Artic Natives, large Hemlock, Interlaken Blvd., Eskimo Skin Boat, Mt. Shuksan, Jumbo Mt. & the Stilaguamish, Eskimo Friends, Squak Slough, shoreline in Washington Park, A Day's clean-up of $28,000, E: No. 2 Below, Glacier Creek, Lake Washington from Washington Park, Totem Poll in Pioneer Square, Winter Quarters for Yukon River Boats, Bird's eye View of Dawson, Bridge over Skokomish, Road between Potlach and Union city, Eskimo women, and Mickaninies Nook, Drive in Volunteer park, View near Seattle, Train on Seward Penn., December Sunset, Elwha Canyon, Mt. Meany. F: Mt. Rainier from Electron Flume Line, Cascade Range from Seattle in winter, Captain Amundsen, Crevasse in Nesqually Glacier, Falls on Western Wall of Mt. Shukson, Cape Prince of Wales Reindeer herd, Reindeer eating, Mt. Seatte, Cascade winter scene, First Train over Nome River Bridge, Candle city, Mt. Rainier from Mineral Lake, Olympic Mtns., Rush to copper river District, Midnight on the Yukon. G: Katalla, Terminal at Katalla, Elwha - Quinalt divide, Eskimo Salmon Dance, Navada Falls, Lake Cushman and Mt. Ellinor, Panorama of Seattle From Queen Anne, Seattle Water front, St. Michaels Russian Fort, Doubtful Lake, Lake Chelan, Slucing in Tanana, Poling on Yukon. H: Water Front at Seward, Breakwater at Katallo, Snoqualmie River, Kow Kow Pechuk Tuk, Snoqualmie valley, Squak slough, Siwash Snaring rabbits, Seattle from catholic cathederal, Natural Bridge at Unalaska, McKinley St. Valdez. I: Muir Glacier, Leschi Park, Log drive on White River, Keat Kona, hood river Canal & Mt. ellinor, Skokomish river, juneau, White Pass, Teller,Siwash Family, Siwash Village, Unalaska, Silver Bow Basin Rd. Juneau.
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