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Photograph - Photographs

Framed black and white photograph three rows of men sitting and standing. The front row is sitting on the floor dressed in Chinese style jackets the rest have on western style suits. They all have delegate ribbons pinned to their suits. On the floor in the center is a lion head mask caskets of flowers on each side of the photograph and the back drop behind them. The back drop has one large American flag, Chinese flag and a smaller Chinese flag in the center. Two banners displaying Chinese characters on each side of the flags. Two sets of phoenixes are displayed above the doorways. At the top are printed Chinese characters set inside a decorative border: "North American Seattle Toisan Ning Young Association Opening Memorial Picture. December 9, 1928. In the lower right hand corner is a number "RR 10833". The photograph is covered with plain glass and framed with a carved wood frame that has a leaf design on the outer edge. Was once painted with silver gilt, but is a dark gray color that has scrapped off in a number of places revealing pink beneath it. A wire is strung across between 2 screweyes in the back of the frame. A black dust cover paper has been removed from the back revealing a cardboard backing held by brad nails. Cardboard removed and replaced with acid-free card, 6/14/99. On the back of the photograph is stamped "Rounds Roaf Commercial Photo Studio, 52 Cobb Bldg., Seattle". Condition: The original backing had some water stains and the glass was very dirty on the front (cleaned with Windex, rinsed with water and dried).
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