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Matted black and white photograph. Chinese American family portrait taken at Hamilton (photo studio) [based on information printed on the mat]. Family poses in front of dark curtain backdrop with no props. In the back row stand five adults (female-male-female-male-female). In the middle row two adults (the parents?) and one boy are seated. In the front row three children are seated. The woman at the left end of the back row wears a long sild chinese style tunic/dress. The young men and women to her left wear Western style dress. The clothing appears to be late 19th - early 20th c. Seated in the middle row, the woman wears a Chinese dress similar to that of the woman in the back row. The man and boy seated to her left wear Western style suits. The children in the front row are also in Western dress. The little girl at the center wears a white dress with eyelet collar and cuffs. The boy to her left wears a military style jacket with white leggings and black boots. Printed on the lower right corner of the brown mat is "Hamilton/Colman Bldg./810 First Ave./Seattle." On the back "Chinn We Shing" is written in ball point pen which has run out of ink so that the name is virtually carved into the matboard.
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