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Black and white photo in black mat. Businessmen seated at a dinner table in the basement of a building. The men are seated along one side of the table with one at the head. At the center is a Chinese American, Ah King, in a dark suit with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine near the table in his left. Two Caucasians are seated to his left and two to his right. All are dressed in suits and have wine glasses raised, perhaps toasting the man at the center. In the background, two Chinese men wearing aprons stand in attendance. The remains of a feast, including moon cakes and champagne, is on the long table which is covered with newspaper. On the back wall are several cargo crates and some cooking utensils. The dress appears to be earl 20th - late 19th c. The photo is in a black mat with "Webster and Stevens/Seattle, Wn" printed in the lower right corner.
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