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Six sepia photographs found in the collection of Yuri and Pat Tatsuo Nakata possibly taken by Kyo Koike. A: H: 6.25", W: 8.375", Black and white sunset or rise over a body of water. A pine is on the right in the foreground. A row of pines is seen across the water in a silhouette. A fallen tree lies in the foreground. B: H: 8.875", W: 7.625", Photo of lone seagull on water. The water is calm and the color changes from the bottom of the photo to the top. From a silver glisten to black with gradations in the form of globules of light. C: H: 9.75", W: 7.75", Photo of glacier on Mt. ? . Top of mountain is clear and sunny. In the foreground right is the top of a rise and in-between this and the glacier is a low bank of clouds. D: H: 10.375", W: 8", Photo of the sun reflecting off the surface of a body of water. A play of shadow and light. Along the bottom of the photo are three bushes seen in silhouette. Around the right edge and top are shadows from trees on the shore. E: H: 6.875", W: 9.75", Photo shows a lake with low mountains in the background. There are three cherry trees in bloom in the foreground and a small pier going out into the lake. Grassy foreground, cloudy sky. F: H: 9.5", W: 12.5", Sepia photo of a seagull on the shore as the waves recede.
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