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Black and White Photograph and Strip of 5 Negatives 1: Copy of original print, H: 5", W: 6.375", three young Chinese American men seated on the grass playing musical instruments in front of a building. The man on the left side of the photo is Willard Jue dressed in light shirt, pants and hat and a dark sweater, kneeling on the ground playing a ukulele; the man in the middle is James Leong dressed in light pants, sweater and hat, sitting cross legged on the ground and holding his palms together under his chin, two banjos and a flute are propped up in front of him; the man on the right side of the photo is Albert Chin dressed in dark pants and light shirt, kneeling on one knee with the other leg bent and foot on the ground, leaning over playing a mouth harp. On the left is the lower part of a tree and in the background is a white shiplap building with a large wooden door (Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham). The photograph is glued to beige matboard, 6.5" x 8.5". On the back is an exhibit label reading "The jazz band at the Pacific American Fisheries in Bellingham rehearsing after work, 1926. From left: Willard Jue on ukulele, James Leong on banjo, and Albert Chin on mouth harp. Willard Jue Photograph Collection". There is also writing in pencil on the back which gives the same information as the label and also indicates this photograph was "used in Chinese Med. Exh., WLM 1984". B: Negative strip of 5 photographs. The above photo A is 17A on the strip. From the left: 2: 18A - negative of the same 3 men with instruments in a different pose; 3: 16A - negative of the same 3 men standing in front of a tree; 4: 15A - negative of 2 men with tennis rackets sitting on the ground; 5: 14A - negative of 2 men dressed in shorts and tops (track and field?)
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