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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White Negative Wedding portrait of George and Komayo (Nakagawara) Hara, late of Bronx, New York City. (Note from Rich Koyama) George is the brother of the late Masae (Hara) Yamashita of Seattle. George and Masae are first cousins to my mother Miyoko (Hara) Koyama. My mother's father (Eikichi Hara) and George and Masae's father (Tsunetaro Hara) were brothers in Saga, Japan. To extend the story further, Masae is the mother of Chizu Uyeda. Chizu is married to Deane Uyeda, who is the younger brother of Bryan Uyeda. I used to pick berries and beans with Deane on the Tsujikawa farm in the '50's. I also remember Mamo Yoshida there as well; he is a grandson of the Tsujikawas. Web Exhibition: #241
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