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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White photograph. Sankyoku, shakuhachi (end-blown flute), koto (stringed instrument), shamisen (plucked stringed instrument), and odori (dance) performance, to celebrate the 2600th Anniversary of the founding of the Empire of Japan, October 13, 1940, Nippon Kan Theatre. Front row: eighth from left, Arlene Okawa Kado. Second row: eighth from left, Mrs. Nakatani, who taught dance at Hatsune Kai; ninth from left, Mrs. Nakashima, who taught koto, ikebana, and tea; eleventh from left Tusya Ike, who was a koto player. Third row: far left, Mr. Matsumoto, an active Buddhist Church member; fifth from left, Mishi (Nishimura) Isomura ; eighth from left, Mr. Oye. Fourth row: far left, Mr. Imanishi, a kendo teacher and shakuhachi player. Web Exhibition: #277
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