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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White Negative Group Portrait of Nippon Tennis Club Kumagai Cup Open Tournament, July 4, 1939. On Jefferson St. between 12th and 14th Ave., near Seattle University. Shig Morita (Third row, third from left) owned the house in the background. First row: Far left Frank Hidaka. Fifth from left, Dr. Fukuda; Yoshito Fujii. Third from right, Mas Horiuchi. Second row: Second from left, Ruth Sakai; Haru Kurosaka. Seventh from left, Hisa Kurosaka. Far right, Esther Sakai? Second from right, Eva Minato. Third row: Third from left, Shig Morita. Far right, Mr. Hidaka. Web Exhibition: #302
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