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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White Negative The WWG (World Wide Guild), Japanese Baptist girls' basketball team, 1938. Front row: From left, Gloria Hirabayashi; Ritsuko Masuda; Melverna Andrews; Hanako Tokumasu; Eva Minato; Fran Inouye. Back row: From left, Amy Okada; Fumiko Takakoshi; Moriye Hayashi; Takashi Fujii (coach), May Kurose; Teruko Ogasawara; Michi Shigehara. Melverna (front row, third from left) was the daughter of Rev. Emery Andrews, minister of the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church from 1929 to 1955. Rev. Andrews and his family relocated to Twin Falls, Idaho during World War II, in order to commute to the Minidoka concentration camp and minister to the incarcerees. During the war, Rev. Andrews made over 50 trips to Seattle to bring back needed articles left behind by the Japanese families, covering the 1,500 mile trip on an average of more than once a month. Web Exhibition: #305
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