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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White Negative Taiyo Shibai (play), Nippon Kan Theatre, February 7, 1936. The hanging flags were gifts given to the Taiyo baseball club from Japanese universities. First row: Far left, Sueno Hikida. Sixth from left, Tyrus Okada; Mrs. Nakamura (Mimasukai dance teacher); Kineya Shofuku (sensei, head of Hatsuekai). Second row: Third from left, Yoichi Matsuda. Eighth from left, Akira Mayeda; tenth from left, Sao; Taka Okazaki?; Kenjiro Yoshino. Far right, Bansan Okada. Third row: From left, Sad Shiraishi; Shiro Iwana; Lefty Ichihara; Jackson Sonoda. Fifth from right, Peter Kusakabe?; fourth from right, Soma. Second from right, Takeshi Roy Otomaru; far right, Kenji Kawaguchi. Bansan Okada (second row, far right), started and sponsored Taiyo, an organization to occupy youth through activities such as sports, language studies, and travel. His son Tyrus is pictured in the first row, sixth from left. Web Exhibition: #306
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