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Location: Bougainville, Solomon Islands Original caption: One of the most miraculous escapes from a bomb explosion is pictured here. In this foxhole in the side of the shell crater is S. Sgt. Oye Ogata of Helena, Mont. This is the position he occupied when the bomb landed next to him. He was buried alive by the sand thrown up by the explosion but succeeded in scraping a hole large enough to call for help. His buddies dug him out, unharmed, by tunneling into the sides of the shell-hole. In the center of the crater is Sgt. Tom Uyeda of Sacramento, Calif., and on edge of crater is Sgt. William Ishida of Lindsay, Calif. All men are Japanese personnel. 11/16/43. Bougainville. Courtesy of the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee and the U.S. Army
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