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Photo Album - Photographs

Japanese boys' school photo album with purple velvet cover. Front cover is imprinted with a school symbol and "Class Album 2598". Album has photos of graduating class of boys; text in album is in Japanese. Album appears to have suffered some water damage. Front pages are gray paper with mounted images, middle pages are printed with photographs, back pages are off white with mounted photographs. Most of the pages are interleafed with a thin rice (?) paper. Some of the pages have been translated as follows: front page -- image of boys hat with school symbol pinned above brim, inkwell, and books: "March 1938, Dai Ju mi kai sotsukyo kinew shushin cho, 12th (??) graduation memorial photograph album, middle school" page 2 -- image of school building: "kosha" page 3 -- 3 photographs of buildings and courtyard: upper right, "mausoleum of our school's sect, founder's birthplace; lower right, "back school buidling exercise yards; left: "alma mater side view" page 4 -- school song and flag with school symbol page 5 -- man's photograph: "Principal Imai" page 6 -- 3 photographs: chrysanthesemums; "Former Principal"; "Parting" (boys and men at train station) pages 7-9 -- photographs of staff and students page 10 -- 7 photographs: portraits of military teachers; upper left, "It's gas! Masks!"; lower right, "training of military spirit"; lower left, "review of troops" page 11 -- 4 photographs: upper right, "pledge by our country to go out"; lower right, "wane of inspiration"; upper left, "homefront enthusiasm"; lower left, "coming of courageous victory" page 12 -- 4 photographs: upper right, "forward march"; lower right, "in the middle of war"; upper left, "in front of the enemy"; lower left, "our troops standing by (waiting)" page 13 -- 5 photographs: upper right, "forward, ever forward"; upper left, "just before the charge"; lower right, "600 of the enemy comes!"; lower left, "rest arms"; center, "wait for the time to strike, wait for the hostiities to begin" page 14 -- 2 photographs, top is a bridge, bottom is a group photo: title="Learning Trip"; upper, "panorama of Imperial Palace second gate"; lower, "Imperial Palace"; poem, "your generation; in 1,000 generations, in 8,000 generations, like a pebble........ in infinite moss" page 15 -- 2 photographs, main is a group shot, oval inset a building tower: "spring haze hangs over modern Osaka castle"; "school trip"; "Legendary Kamakura Hachiman Jingu Shrine and the big Ginko tree on Crane Hill" pages 16-23 -- photos of boys, eleven per page, except for page 23 with seven photos and image of warrior statue page 24 -- 4 photos of school scenes: upper right, "Language period"; upper left, "English composition period"; lower right, "hair cutting work"; lower left, "flow of fervent speech" page 25 -- 3 photos: upper right, "field tournament"; upper left, "brave swordsmen"; lower, "rightful military power" page 26 -- 3 photos: upper left, "mass calisthenics"; lower left, "marathon kings"; right, "long distance race" page 27 -- 4 photos of gymnastics images: upper, "perservere! perservere!"; middle, "handstand chief"; lower left, "buck (for vaulting)"; lower right, "wow! his neck is caught" page 28 -- 3 photos of athletic activities: upper right, "our soccer personnel"; upper left, "wrestlers all"; lower, "skill at the horizontal bar" page 29 -- 5 photos of athletic activities: upper right, "swimming department"; upper left, "expert swimmers group"; lower right, "swimming meet"; lower left, "jumping" <---diving? page 30 -- 4 photos, group shots: upper right, "on the road to nostalgia"; upper left, "our company"; lower right, "in the shadow of the betel nut palm"; lower left, "relaxing for a while" page 31 -- 3 photos, group shots: top, "intimate friends within the castle (live at school)"; lower left, "commuting by bicycle"; lower right, "train commuters" page 32 -- 4 photos: upper right, "working in the pursuit of learning"; upper left, "new building clan eating"; lower right, "dormitory chums"; lower left, "enjoying the bath" page 33 -- single photo, 8 1/2" x 6 1/2", mounted to page, group shot with clock in background (reads 4:55) page 34 -- 2 photographs mounted to page, upper right an instructor in military uniform; lower left students and staff with same instructor at train station page 35 -- one photograph of students with bust of teacher mounted to a page with a printed photograph of students clustered around a round table. Editorial Comment: "Our happy graduation has brought us a new, bright spring. If we remember 5 years before, we were concerned with the desire to succeed. Then we studied together in the same classroom, played together in the same playground and in the play field we tasted hardships-- enjoyable things, painful things, and so forth, as the 5 years of our middle school passed by. Our future will be upper school or a member of the real world or overseas achievement. As we are tossed about by the world's stormy seas, anyone will certainly feel deep emotion when they look at the commemorative album. Feelings of enjoyment, feelings of sorrow, conducive of self-examination, are caused by the student's memories of this lively middle school period at our Alma Mater. Gentlemen, please hold this memorial album as dear always. Gentlemen, use this album as you plan your future and set the goals that you can achieve. The editing of this album was very difficult for the committee but through the efforts of the teachers and the photography section we finally borught it to completion. Finally gentlemen, we present this with a prayer for your health and happiness." page 36 -- text...
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