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Framed black and white photograph of full length view of the founder of the Konkodo Church in Seattle. He wears a white robe called a Shozoku. His hands, folded in front of him, hold a shaku, a flat wooden sceptre-like wand. He wears a black lacquered hat, a Kanmuri, tied under his chin with a white cord. The wooden, gilded, oval frame is about 1 1/2" wide with a raised outer rim, and raised inner pattern of linked pearl-like balls. Shinto Shrine (Konkokyo Sect) was located in the house on Donovan St. Mr. Kondo's wife looked after it and after she died he decided to move to Oakland, CA. He did not know much about the shrine himself but said that Mr. Tak Kubota of Kubota Gardens might know about its history. He had been married by the Shinto Priest (see 2 photos) whom Mr. Kondo believes is the founder. The house was in bad shape and schedules to be torn down and some items had been thrown out. Mr. Kondo had invited the current Shinto priest to take what he wanted but he did not take anything. The shrine was set up at the end of one room of the house pictured in the photograph 1993.73.27. Apparently a stairwell had been removed from the area and a low platform built for the shrine. In front of the platform were posts and 'fencing' at either side. The large blue cloth was hung in front of this from a beam. CONT
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