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Sepia photograph of first priest of the Konkokyo Sect in Seattle. Full view wearing white robe with a hanging tassel called shozoku. He wears a black horsehair bowl-shape hat with a round high section near the back of the head, a train down the back and a rod tied in the front, tied under the chin with a white cord called kanmuri. He holds a shaku, a flat wooden paddle-shaped board. CONT. from 1993.73.1 Built into the back wall were 3 alcoves with tall wooden platforms in each alcove, the middle one being higher than those on either side. Two round posts separated the 3 alcoves; the middle alcove was wider than the side ones. The offering tables werein front of the 3 alcoves and 2 white glass lamps hung fron the ceiling in front of the 2 round poles. In the left alcove was the small chest; in the middle alcove was the large chest and in the right alcove were the large and small purification symbol pieces. Originally there may have been 2 vases in the center alcove. See 1993.73.33 description of Shinto sect
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