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Photograph - Photographs

Black and White Photograph One row of seated men and women with approx. three rows of men and women standing behind. They are posing outside of three buildings. There are also a few children in the photograph, particularly on the left side. The men wear suits and the women wear dresses. The center building has a balcony with additional people on the second story. The balcony is decorated with banners with Chinese writing, United States flag banners and U.S. and Chinese Nationalist flags. The center building has 3 banners hanging from its roofline and a banner hanging at the center of its first storey. The 2 doorways located on the left and right sides of the front of this center building are decorated with banners with Chinese writing. The building to the left has 2 signs above the doorway "Broadway Caf?". "Capital" appears above the storefront. The photograph has Chinese characters in black in the upper left corner and long the bottom of the photograph.
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