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Black and white photograph copy Photograph shows three rows of men; most of the men standing in the top row are wearing dark uniforms with stand-up collars and have very short haircuts; most of the men standing in the middle row are wearing western suits, ties and white collars; the men sitting in the front row are also in western suits except for the older man in the middle who is wearing kimono and hakama with a bowler hat. There is Japanese writing on the back in blue ink. A note which accompanied the photograph says "Photo taken on the 9th year of Taisho era or Oct. 1920. Taken in the Okuma Teien's Garden. Okuma Shigenobu (Koshaku rank - very famous) front center. Seattle Mikado Club and Waseda University Baseball Club." Mary Shigaya's father is second from the right in the front row.
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