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Negative, Film - Photographs

Image Negative, Film
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Black and White Negative Shofuryu Ikebana group and dance/shibai group, Oct. 13, 1935. Celebration of Mr. Kurimoto (second row, fifth from left) receiving his shakuhachi name. Second row: third from left, Mr. Edamura; sixth from left, Mr. Oye; seventh from left, Mrs. Nakashima; eigth from left Fuku Nakatami. Third row: second from left, Mr. Heiji Okuda; third from left (in dark glasses), Mr. James Sakamoto. Far right, Mr. Isomura. Fourth row: Mrs. Edamura? Back row: sixth from right, Miki Isomura; second from right, Jim Nakahara. James Sakamoto (Third row, third from left) founded the Japanese American Courier in 1928, the first English-language Japanese American newspaper in the U.S. He also founded the Japanese American Citizens League in 1930. Web Exhibition: #248
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