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Wing Luke Museum
1900.001 Saito, the Cat Lady, Bruce Lee and Others... Wong, Dean 7/1/77 International Examiner
1900.003 A photo exhibit at Wing Luke: Pear Garden in the West: America's Chinese Theatre, 1852-1983, highlights the history of Cantonese opera in America. Photo Exhibit Highlights Cantonese Opera Chew, Ron 12/7/83 International Examiner
1900.004 I Was Looking for a metaphor for Something Asian American Blauvelt, Wm. 12/7/83 International Examiner
1900.005 Wing Luke - A Shared Vision Celebrating 30 Years of Community Detera, Eydie Calderon 1997 Seattle International Communtiy News, Vol.1No.7
1900.006 Article Reporter Judith Blake lists places where you can purchase Asian food and vegetables in the Chinatown/International District. International Flavor: No need to travel abroad - a rich array of Asian foods is available here Blake, Judith June 9, 1993 The Seattle Times
1900.007 1997 Community Voice Award Winners: Ben and Ruth Woo 4/1/97 International Examiner
1900.008 Family Business Challenge: Making it to Next Generation Kokmen, Leyla 8/5/96 Seattle Times
1900.009 Handing Down the Business Kokmen, Leyla 8/5/96 Seattle Times
1900.010 Article Short history of the silk trade through history that includes new discoveries in Egypt, Germany and Greece that indicate the trade began many centuries before the historical records indicate, perhaps as early as 1000 BC. Also some details on plans for further research by many countries along the route. New Finds Suggest Even Earlier Trade on Fabled Silk Road Wilford, John Noble March 16, 1993 New York Times
1900.011 Wah Mee Murder: Murder Victims' Families face the Future 8/13/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.012 Whats Life like for Wah Mee victim's Families Lee, May 9/10/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.013 Article The article describes the Chinese lottery system that flourished in Chinatown before World War II. When Chinatown Had Its Own Lotteries Chin, Donnie January 5, 1983 International Examiner
1900.014 Article Chinese Beauties, lion Dance applaud the Sonics 2/12/83 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.015 Article News About Your Child Born in the Year of the Rat Weis 3/10/84 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.016 Article The Eye of the Dragon McKinnon, Richard N. 2/1/76 East is East
1900.017 Article Police Continue to Investigate Chin - Lau Murders Chew 12/21/83 International Examiner
1900.018 Article Arson Fire Damages House of Hong 12/21/83 International Examiner
1900.019 Article New Year's Traditions in China Namioka 12/21/83 International Examiner
1900.020 Article Census Perpetuates Myth of Asian Success Chang 12/21/83 International Examiner
1900.021 Article Far East Building Renovation: One of the Biggest Gambles of my Life Chin 12/21/83 International Examiner
1900.022 Article Willie Mak Goes on Trial Chew, Ron 9/7/83 International Examiner
1900.023 Article Sculptor George Tsutukawa, on the Puyallup Memorial Controversy Fujimoto, Lila September 7, 19 International Examiner
1900.024 Article Summary of the trial of Willie Mak Jury Convicts Willie Mak Chew, Ron 10/5/83 International Examiner
1900.025 Article Wah Mee investigation Enters Fourth Week 3/16/83 International Examiner
1900.026 Article Ben Yorita Retires After Years of Teaching Asian History Chin 1/5/83 International Examiner
1900.027 The Wartime Internment Cases Reconsidered: Peter Iron's Justice At War. Detlefsen 9/9/85 Journal of Contemporary Studies
1900.028 Article Notes and Documents, the Decisions to Relocate the North American Japanese: Another Look Daniels Pacific Historical Review
1900.029 Article Evacuation and Economic Loss: Questions and Perspectives Taylor
1900.030 Article The Japanese - American Internment: A Reappraisal Sundquist The American Scholar
1900.031 Article Chinese Tonight Johnson 12/12/87 American Heritage
1900.032 Article Taiko, Katari Taiko Endo 1/8/86 International Examiner
1900.033 Studying in Japan Endo 1/8/86 International Examiner
1900.034 Article A look at the differences (and even similarities) between a Japanese family and a Japanese American family. Two families, worlds apart, share a common culture Rhodes, Elizabeth October 25, 198 The Seattle Times
1900.035 Japanese influences on American art Japanese Influence is Elusive Element in Northwest Art Kendall, Sue Ann 1981/10/25 Seattle Times
1900.036 Sumi Cum Laude Tarzan, Deloris February 29, 19 Seattle Times
1900.037 Article Paul Horiuchi Horiuchi Mural to be Added to City's Treasures Lehmann, Thelma March 25, 1962 Seattle Post - Intelligencer
1900.038 George Tsutakawa's fountain scuplture for the Seattle Public Library A Fountain for Seattle Loschen, Roger 1960/03/27 Seattle Times
1900.039 Article Photo essay of fountain scuptures of Seattle artist George Tsutakawa. George Tsutakawa: Seattle's Fountain Artist Evans, Elizabeth Wright 06/11/1967 Seattle Times
1900.040 Festival, Exhibits to Highlight Park Opening 5/5/76 International Examiner
1900.041 Tribute to Asian Workers 5/5/76 International Examiner
1900.042 Article Report takes the reader on a tour of the Chinatown/International District. Includes restaurants, stores, and community gathering spaces. Chinatown walk: History, culture - more than just restaurants Schwartz, Susan May 1, 1976 The Seattle Times
1900.043 Tea House at Arboretum Japanese Garden Three Acres of Oriental Beauty Scaylea, Josef May 29, 1960 Seattle Times
1900.044 Asian Theater Project Runs Out of Money Johnson, Wayne 10/25/81 Seattle Times
1900.045 Kokusai, Toyo, I.D. Two Seattle Theaters Present Wide Range of Japanese Movies Hartl 4/28/76 Seattle Times
1900.046 President Gerald Ford rescinds Executive Order 9066, the order incarcerating Japanese Americans during World War II. This Should Have Been Done a Long Time Ago 1976
1900.047 Japanese Seek Redress for Injustices Taylor, Maria 4/28/76 Seattle Times
1900.048 Tokyo Rose, Iva Toguri Haunting: Do Prejudices Continue Today Lock, Doris 1/15/77 Seattle Times
1900.049 Article Witnesses and co-workers of Iva Toguri d'Aquino (Tokyo Rose) state that Iva didn't commit treason and that her trial was label her guilty. Tokyo Rose worked as a disc jockey on a Japanese radio show produced by POWs. Tokyo Rose was 'railroaded into jail' Yates, Ronald April 11, 1976 The Seattle Times
1900.050 Postscript to World War II Ordeal Rumley, Larry 3/14/76 Seattle Times
1900.051 Article Miyoka Kihara is a professional Japanese dancer living in Seattle. She has earned a high rank in dancing from the Hanayagi school in Tokyo. The article is filled with pages of her and her students getting ready for a performance. Seattle's classical Japanese dancer Belanger, Herb June 20, 1971 The Seattle Times
1900.052 Shawn Wong Asian - American Writers find Publisher: Themselves Tsutakawa, Mayumi 2/8/77 Seattle Times
1900.053 Article Paul Horuchi Tarzan, Deloris March 23, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.054 Isamu Noguchi The Best and the Worst in Public Art Tarzan, Deloris September 21, 1 Seattle Times
1900.055 The Japanese Evacuation - Could it Happen Again? Woodward 12/7/69 Seattle Times
1900.056 What of the Japanese Who Are Also Americans? Freeman 10/1/42 Pacific Motor Boat Magazine
1900.057 Article A look at the lion dance in the Chinatown/International District. Performance provided by John Leong, who trained in kung-fu in Hong Kong. Chinatown Shows Off Stockley, Tom December 6, 197 The Seattle Times
1900.058 Delores Sibonga 2/18/79 Seattle Post - Intelligencer
1900.060 Article Article featuring the housing developments in the Chinatown/International District. Includes a list of buildings/hotels and pictures. Housing Renaissance Kreisman, Lawrence April 6, 1997 The Seattle Times
1900.061 Kokusai: 60 Years of Asian Films Kyomizu 10/1/80 International Examiner
1900.062 The Rising Son Japanese American railroad workers The Rising Son Ryan 4/1/92 Yardbull Vol. 26, No. 1
1900.063 The Elusive Politics of Ruth Woo 9/8/96 Seattle Times
1900.064 Asian Community Suffers in Shooting's Aftermath Reed, Lauri 10/28/83 U. W. Daily
1900.065 ...Registering, Smiling Faces Cover Grief of Grim Reality 5/15/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.066 Called for Interview, All Japanese Farmers Must Appear By Thursday 5/15/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.067 Call For More Help to Operate Jap Farms 5/15/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.068 Jap Farmers Report In 5/8/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.069 Evacuation Imminent 5/9/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.070 Japs Must Evacuate County 5/10/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.071 Japs Sign At Puyallup 5/12/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.072 Tacoma's Japanese To Leave 5/13/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.073 The Chinese In America: 130 Years of Struggle and Achievement Lai 5/7/86 International Examiner
1900.074 Japanese American Museum Chung, L.A. 5/16/92 San Francisco Chronicle
1900.075 A Moving Story About the Strengths, Struggles, and Spirit of the Pioneer Issei Ota 1/7/87 International Examiner
1900.076 Japs Here to Go to Calif. 5/14/42 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.077 To Lose is To Win Kremer 8/27/95 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.078 Town of Thomas Calls Them Home Westneat 8/22/95 Seattle Times
1900.079 Reprint of front page WAR! Oahu Bombed by Japanese Planes 7/7/49 Honolulu Star Bulletin
1900.080 Japanese - American Film, Nikkei on Film Mochizuki 5/1/92 Northwest Nikkei
1900.081 Tradition Remains Strong in Changing Times Jung, Soya 1/20/92 International Examinier
1900.082 Report executive Development Institute community service project market survey for Interim to identify and anylyze current market and developement trends that mey shape the current and future residintial and commercial base of the ID. International District-Chinatown/Little Saigon Market Survey Report 2002 Executive Development Institute Team
1900.082.001 Alaska Canneries, Immigrants, Unions Cannery Workers' Union Emerges from War Years and McCarthy Era Viernes 7/1/77 International Examinier
1900.083 Article This study concerns Chinese restaurant ware in the Asian American Comparative Collection, University of Idaho, and one of the major suppliers of Chinese reataurant ware, F S Louie of Berkeley California. Chinese Restaurant Ware and Its Importance To Asian American Archaeology Creighton, Amber Fall 2002 Journal of Northwest Anthropology
1900.083.001 Traces of Old: Relics in a Seattle Hotel Tell of Japanese - Americans Forced From Their Homes Brown 6/18/96 Seattle Times
1900.084 Article A SeaTac man has converted his garage into a museum full of artifacts and haunting photos of Cambodia's genocide Ramirez, Marc 2/20/2003 Seattle Times
1900.084.002 Filipino Gospel Mission Rev. Manuel Garcia Ocana: He Lived Simply, Gave Generously Tizon 6/24/95 Seattle Times
1900.085 Article Chinese Remedy Van Slyke, Michele 5/6/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.085.001 Some Elderly Immigrants are Simply Wasting Away Tizon 7/10/95 Seattle Times
1900.086 Article A different view of the Iraq war Iwasaki, John 5/5/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.086.001 Article The Danny Woo Community Garden in the Chinatown/International District is looking for young Asian Americans to tend the gardens. Currently, only elders are tending it and there are a lot of transients and drug dealers. Seniors' oasis needs nurturers Tizon, Alex June, 24, 1995 The Seattle Times
1900.087 Thesis Engage, Empower, and Explore - History Museum Dialogue Sanderson, Jill E. 2002
1900.087.001 Asian Americans in L.A. from "Shades of L.A.: Pictures From Ethnic Family Albums" Southern California's Family Album Rivera 7/14/96 L.A. Times Magazine
1900.088 Article Japan and Washington state share a baseball history that predates the Mariner's current Japanese connection A pastime with a past Rosapepe, John 3 /20/2003 Seattle Times
1900.088.001 Safe Held Secret of Ore. Ambush for 108 Years A.P. 8/16/95 Seattle Times
1900.089 Article Fear and Anxiety Permeate Arab Enclave Near Detroit Pierre, Robert E. August 4, 2002 Washington Post
1900.089.001 Cambodian Immigrants create textiles to heal and sell. See text in Notes Stitching Their Lives Back Together Reang 1/10/97 Seattle Times
1900.090 Article Remembering Montana's internment camp Stofflet, John 4/4/2003
1900.090.001 Article 3 articles relating to Garment Workers, all by the same authors: Sewing for the American dream (A1, A12-A13): The experiences of several garment workers in Seattle. Multitude of 'gray areas' make labor laws hard to enforce (A12): The difficulty of creating laws against garment factories and garments workers who work at home. Home workers say pay for piecework is dropping (A13): Pay decreases for making certain items. Sewing for the American dream Szabo, Liz August 25, 1996 The Seattle Times
1900.091 Article Hmong woman takes to stage to tell tale of survival, success Harvey, Kay 4/8/2003 Seattle Times
1900.091.001 Article The Kokusai Theater in the Chinatown/International District collapses. No one was injured and 2 businesses had to close. "Home" of Asian Weekly newspaper collapses Derr, Erik Wong February 15-21, Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.092 Article Killing Fields survivor has lesson on war Cheng, Josephine 3/27/2003
1900.092.001 Article The closing of Wa Sang grocery, open in the Chinatown/International District since 1928. Store, era closing Beason, Tyrone February 12, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.093 Article Say Cheesy Olson, Sheri 4/14/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.093.001 Article A picture of the collapse of the Kokusai Theater's roof. The Theater is located in the Chinatown/International District International District damage February 11, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.094 Article The Reluctant Memorialist Menand, Louis 7/8/2003 New Yorker
1900.094.001 Article Kokusai Theater in the Chinatown/International District collapses. Includes history of the building and how it collapsed. Last reel for Kokusai Theater Keene, Linda February 11, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.095 Article The SARS outbreak in Asia in 2004 has hurt many travel agencies that specialize in Asian travel. Robert Ha, manager of Asia Travel is interviewed. Virus fears hammer travel firms: SARS ground many Asian, Canadian trips Heyamoto, Lisa April 10, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.095.001 Article Discrimination, Korean Immigrants Asian Americans go Rural Matthee, Imbert 9/24/96 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.096 Article Outbreak of SARS creates anxiety in Asian community Vuong, Mary 4/11/2003 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.096.001 Article Discrimination, W.W. II Veterans Asian American Soldiers faced the Enemy and Prejudice Ho, Vanessa 11/12/96 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.097 Article Nourishing Our Knowledge Greg Atkinson 3/30/2003 Seattle Times
1900.098 Article The first driving lesson: 'Which one is the gas pedal?' Stripling, Sherry 6/10/2003 Seattle Times
1900.098.001 'Neighbors', International District Higgins 7/19/97 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.099 Article Violin legend Midori lets music, achievements speak for themselves Bargreen, Melinda 4/8/2003 Seattle Times
1900.100 Article Community shunned over SARS Sekhri, Rajiv 4/9/2003 Seattle Times
1900.100.001 Language Camps Camp Kids Have Korean At Tip of Tongues Morris 7/28/97 Seattle Times
1900.1000 Remembering a Forgotten Neighborhood Duncan May 19, 1979 Seattle Times
1900.1001 Regarding conversation with ObaChine managers over poster and Michael Malkin article. Fax: From Parissh to Connie So, CC Ron Chew March 12, 1998 Document
1900.1002 Old Painting Causes Protest of Asian Americans; Owner considers taking it down March 14, 1998 Seattle Chinese Post
1900.1003 Article A poster at ObaChine, a restaurant run by Wolfgang Puck, shows an advertisement for a colonial French tea company, featuring a yellow skinned man with a long braid and slanted eyes drinking tea. Poster at Puck's called anti - Asian March 7, 1998 Los Angeles Daily News
1900.1004 John F. Kennedy School of Government Case Program Against All Odds: The Japanese Americans' Campaign for Redress Naito 1990 Case Program
1900.1005 Article Seattle library program on Asian Seattle featured speakers, demonstrations and exhibits on Seattle's Asian American citizens City's Roots - Asian Seattle: Library Program will Include Cooking, Tours, Displays and Culture Duncan, Don March 8, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1006 Article The place of the Chinatown/International District in the community in the shadow of the Kingdome. Myths about the CID explain what the community needs to fix in the neighborhood. Asian Americans try to come home September 11, 1 The Seattle Times
1900.1007 Article Ed Burke's Dowtown Seattle Far East Tour (Chinatown Tour). Tours visit the significant places in the Chinatown/International District. Visiting Seattle's Far East section Belanger, Herb August 22, 1976 The Seattle Times
1900.1008 100th anniversary of Japanese Immigration to the United States Japanese Pioneers Journeyed East To Develop the West Masuda November 16, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1009 Article Seattle Issei honored at a special banquet for the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigration to the U.S. Banquet Honors Elders November 11, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.101.001 Deems Tsutakawa I.D. Music Spots - for All Types Lopez International Examiner
1900.1010 Pioneers: Banquet to Commemorate Arrival of Japanese Immigrants November 6, 196 Seattle Times
1900.1011 U.W. Psychiatry Professor Honored as 'Constant Advocate' For Human rights Emery, Julie April 17, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1012 Owner of the Jade Pagoda on Broadway Jimmy Woo, Restaurateur, Community Leader Dies September 9, 19 Capital Hill Times
1900.1013 Taul Watanabe resigns from WA state Personnel Board. Watanabe Resigns State Post Burt, Lyle September 8, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1014 Watanabe Fined $1,200 for disclosure Violations Brown, Larry July 18, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1015 Taul Watanabe, an influential advisor to WA State Governor, Dixy Lee Ray, has resigned from the WA Personnel Board, has been fined for violations of the state;s public disclosure laws but will remain on the UW Board of Regents. Watanabe Apparently to Remain U.W. Regent Burt, Lyle Sepember 9, 198 Seattle Times
1900.1016 Watanabe Praises U.W. Clinic Emery, Julie Sepember 14, 19 Seattle Times
1900.1017 Includes a shorter article, also by Gordon Schultz, on same subject, action by the state Pulic Disclosure Commission against a key aide to Gov. Dixy Lee Ray. Watanabe to Face Civil Charges for Disclosure Lapses Schultz, Gordon June 25, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1018 More Unreported Watanabe Business Ties Revealed Schultz June 25, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1019 Ray Stands Behind Watanabe Schultz, Gordon June 26, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.102 Lester Iwana, Jazz, "Nutrition Factor" The More Good Musicians I Play With, the More I Get Inspired Mochizuki 9/19/84 International Examiner
1900.1020 Watanabe as Regent is Private Man in Public Job May 21, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1021 McDermott Urges Watanabe to Resign as U.W. Regent Larsen, Richard W. May 21, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1022 Ray's Political Patronage Served Watanabe Well May 20, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1023 Biographical article on Taul Watanabe's life and business dealing in Los Angeles, CA. The Man Beside Dixy: A No Holds Barred Climb to Top for Taul Watanabe May 18, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1024 Watanabe Helped Make Port One of the Busiest May 19, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1025 Legislator to Look into Watanabe Confirmation Emery, Julie May 17, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1026 Watanabe Said He Studied 4 Years for PhD., But School Dosen't Exist Katz, Dean May 22, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1027 Watanabe Controversy adds to Heat on UW President Emery, Julie May 22, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1028 Three letters to the editor in support of Taul Watanabe. Letters: on Taul Watanabe Series May 27, 1980 Seattle Times
1900.1029 Who Was Behind Ray's Save - Railroad Neutrality? May 1980 Seattle Times
1900.103 Report A report on redesigning the Chinatown/International District with the community's input. 11 proposals were suggested by students from the Department of Landscape Architecture at University of Washington. Includes interviews with local organizations. Community Building and Placemaking: Eleven Projects for Neighborhood Revitalization in Seattle's Chinatown-International District Hou, Jeffrey 2002
1900.103.001 Composer Jon Jang: A Political Artist by 'Whatever Means Necessary' Blauvelt 2/1/98 International Examiner
1900.1030 "Beyond Barbed Wire" the story of the 442nd during WWII. Acclaimed Documentary Makes Its Second Seattle Appearance September 13 - Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1031 Story of moon cakes and recipie for SAi Mai Tay. Celebrate Mid - Autumn Festival with Moon Cakes Mar September 13 - Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1032 Article About the film "Finding Home in Chinatown: The Kong Yick Buildings." They Don't Call It the Kong Yick For Nothing: The Wing Luke and its First Documentary Video Release Omori, Chizu Nov. 19 - Dec. International Examiner
1900.1033 American medicine collides with Hmong culture When Cultures Collide Higashi November 19 - D International Examiner
1900.1034 Review of "Immigrants Out? The New and the Amti - Immigrant Impulse in the United States. Review of "Mapping Multi - Culturalism". Interviews with six local people including Eudie Deterea Multi Culturalism is Dead: Multi Culturalism Just Got Started Lau November 5 - 18 International Examiner
1900.1035 Central Students Find Asian Authors have a lot to Offer November 15 - 2 Northwest Asian Weekly
1900.1036 Article Author talks about the noise pollution in the Chinatown/International District. He mentions that it may get worse with the new Metro tunnel and I-90 on/off ramps. We've learned to live with noise Chin, Donnie 1980s International Examiner
1900.1037 Photo of Ping chow of Ruby Chow's Restaurant Food For the New Year Seattle Times
1900.1038 New Year Fete Lifts Glum Chinatown Sherman February 27, 19 Seattle Post Intelligencer
1900.1039 Photos of New Years Preparations Gung Hay Fat Choy 4677 January 28, 197 Seattle Times
1900.104 Booklet Timeline: 400 Years of History of Chinese in The Americas Lee, Cynthia & Wong, Maeling 2001 The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation
1900.104.001 Fred Houn and the Asian American Art Ensemble: the Music is Clear and Compasionate 4/15/87 International Examiner
1900.1041 100th anniversary of Japanese Immigration to the U.S. Japanese Immigration Centennial 1869 - 1969, Program Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter 1969 Brochure
1900.1042 Article All the beliefs that Chinese people follow during Lunar New Year. Reporter spends the celebrations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong marks the new year Delaplane, Stan February 17, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.105 Brochure Finding Family Stories Japanese American National Museum 2003
1900.105.001 Korean American Rapper Reacts to Ice Cube Lyrics Park 1/8/92 International Examiner
1900.1057 Published by Japanese American National Museum Growing Up Nisei: Images of Japanese American Culture 1920's - 1950's 1997 Calendar
1900.1058 Aki Kurose's 25 years of Teaching Mochizuki, Ken March 4, 1997 Northwest Nikkei
1900.1059 Blia Xiong receives 1996 Asian Counseling and Referral Community Recognition Award Hmong Leader Honored Yim September 11, 1 The Beacon Hill News
1900.106 Brochure Boyle Heights The Power of Place Japanese American National Museum 2002
1900.106.001 Seoul Brothers: Brothers Rap for Solidarity Apostol 8/15/90 International Examiner
1900.1060 Autobiographical story of the problems of duel heritage Leaves From the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian Far January 21, 190 The Independent
1900.1061 Moon Festival story The Half Moon Cakes Far May 1909 Good Housekeeping
1900.1062 Ku Yum and the Butterflies Far March 1909 Good Housekeeping
1900.1063 Aluteh Far July 1906 The Chautauquan
1900.1064 In the Land of the Free Far September 1909 The Independent
1900.1065 Lea Armstrong, Emmanuelle Chi Dong, Ray Chin, Nemesio Domingo, Jr. The Fifth Annual Asian Pacific American Community Voice Awards International Examiner May 24, 1995 Booklet
1900.1066 Taken from the book: Chinese American Portraits, Personal Histories 1828-1988. Gee-Hee Chin came to the United States as a laborer but quickly became a labor broker for Wah Chong Company, produced what is believed to have been the first Chinese baby born in the NW, opened the Quong Tuck Company which built the first new brick building in Seattle after the 1889 fire and financed and built the Sun Ning Railroad in Toishan, China. Chin Gee-hee, Railroad Baron McCunn, Ruthanne Lum 1988 Chronicle Books, Chinese American Portraits
1900.1067 Survey and letters regarding the ObaChine print. ObaChine Under Fire: Is This Art or the Target of Political Correctness March 25, 1998
1900.1068 Letters regarding ObaChine print Letters to the Editor: ObaChine/Racial Imagery March 29, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1069 Opinion column on ObaChine print. Counter argument by Anne Rousseau Keep Racism out of Seattle Leong March 25, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.107 Program A Celebration of Hope and Healing: Saluting Washington Medal of Honor Recipients Nisei Veterans Committee 2001
1900.107.001 Hiroshima Band 'Just Community Folks' Kiyomizu 5/1/81 International Examiner
1900.1070 Opinion column on ObaChine print. Counter argument by James C. Leong I Don't Sell Racist Art Rousseau March 25, 1998 Seattle Times
1900.1071 Letters to Ron Chew about ObaChine. ObaChine Letters to Ron Chew 1998
1900.1072 Chin Gee-Hee, Chinese Pioneer Entrepreneur in Seattle and Toishan Jue, Willard G. 1984 Annals Chinese Historical Society of the PacificNW
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