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Wing Luke Museum
1900.7076 Booklet Pictures and descriptions of utsav 800 artists and accompanists Utsau 2008: Seattle's 5th Annual South Asian Arts Festival 2008
1900.7077 Booklet preserving heritage project A Public Trust at Risk: The Hertiage Health Indec Report on the State of America's Collections 2005 Heritage Preservation, Inc.
1900.7078 Booklet Program of EDI graduation dinner Japanese American Chamber of Commerce: Fourth Annual Executive Development Institute Graduation Dinner
1900.7079 Booklet Report on Library and Information School Revisions of Curricula and New Ph. D. Program at the School of Library and Information Science, Kerio University: A Progress Report 1975
1900.708 A Report on Asian American Violence in the United States Japanese Ameican Citizens League Pamphlet
1900.7080 Booklet Zhi Lin: Crossing History/Crossing CUltures is a tribute to this exceptional artistic talent - a logical outcome of the experienc ein Philips Pearlstein's Manhattan studio. Zhi Lin
1900.7081 Booklet This report is the first to analyze 2000 Census data for the Bay Area's API communnities. New Challenges for Bay Area Philantropy 2003 North Clifornia Regional Chap
1900.7082 Booklet Vocal music and dance by Divine Performing Arts Divines Performing Arts: Chinese Spectacular 2008
1900.7083 Booklet A sample copy of a handbook guide for planning various types of programs to promote the "West Meets East" reading project of the ZZYOung Adult Services Division of the AMerican Library Association. Richer by Asia
1900.7084 Booklet A catalogue of photos with Asian relations. Old Japan: Catalogue 30
1900.7085 Booklet talks about asian americans fighting in World War II A Celebrating of Hope and Healing: Saluting Washington Medal of Honor Recipents Nisei Veterans Committee
1900.7086 Booklet Cultural taboos inhibits our natural instincts, and we become more reserved about our sexuality. Tong Zhi/Comrade brings this discourse of sexuality into our communities, and looks at what might be a safe public space for us in the Chinatowns, Koreatowns, Manilatowns, Little Tokyos, Little Saigons, and Little Bombays across the country. Tong Zhi/Comrade: Out in Asia America Museum of Chinese in the Aericas
1900.7087 Booklet Viewing Japan and Japanese culture. Seeing Japan Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
1900.7088 Booklet This publication has been developed to serve three purposes. First, we want to introduce the basic ideas that form the framework for our grantmaking. Second, we wish to demostrate some ways in which asset building is making a difference in diverse contexts around the world. Finally, we'd like to share some of the lessons we have learned in using this approach. Building Assets to Reduce Poverty and Injustice Ford Foundation
1900.7089 Booklet Information for Cultural Exchange. Culture as Community: Grassroots collaborations in action 2000 Center for Cultural Exchange
1900.709 Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy Hesburgh Sept. 1, 1980 Report
1900.7090 Booklet Asian American Journalists Association National Convention program 2002 The Next Frontier: Asian American Journalists Association's 15th Annual National Convention 2002 Asian American Journalists Association
1900.7091 Booklet Conference of oral history. Global Linkages: The Internationalization of Everyday Life Dickinson College
1900.7092 Booklet This guide provides a resource that contributes to a better understanding of anti-Asian violence and how to respond. When Hate Hits You: An Asian Pacific American Hate Crime Response Guide 2003 Japense American Citizens League
1900.7093 Booklet Asian American immigrants being the targets of racism. A Troubling Legacy: Anti-Asian Sentiment in America 2005 Japanese American Citizens League
1900.7094 Booklet National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium advancing the legal and civil rights of the mnation's Asian Pacific Americans through litigation, advocacy, public education and public policy. 1998-1999 Biennual Report National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium
1900.7095 Booklet Signs of Life is an exhibit of contemporary jeweltry art and a literary magazine from Facere Jewelry Art Gallery. The exhibit and magazine match the work of nine jewelry artists with short texts by nine authors in pairings that celebrates contemporary metals art with creative writing. Signs of Life 2005 Facere Jewlery Art Gallery
1900.7096 Pictures and information of the Republic of China The Republic of China at a Glance 1996 Government Information Office
1900.7097 Booklet Gives us a unique opportunitiy to reflect on the role that the Chinese immigrant experience has played and will continue to play in America culture Fly to Freedom: The Art of the Holden Venture Refugees 2001 Museum of Chinese in the Americas
1900.7098 Booklet 30th anniversary celebration, honoring Tama Tokuda for her life long contribution to the arts/program 30 something 2002 Northwest Asian American Theatre
1900.7099 Booklet the history of the Sophia House Lux Veritatis 1956 Sophia University
1900.710 Korean Community Counseling Center: Annual Report Korean Community Counseling Center 1989 Report
1900.7100 Booklet Informs the public about the nature of racially movtivated violence, harassment, and intimidation directed against Asian and Pacific Island Americans, Asian immigrants and Indochinese refugees Recent Activities Against Citizens and Residents of Asian Descent U.s. Commission on Civil Rights
1900.7101 Booklet Comprehensive, nationalwide, non-governmental compilation and analysis of anti-Asian violence in the United States Audit of Violence Against Asian Pacific Ameircans: Continuing the Campaign Against Hate Crimes 1997
1900.7102 Booklet Going behind the model minority sterotype in an eddort to reveal the complex and diverse realities of Asian American and Pacific Islander students A Report on the Status of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Education: Beyond the "Model Minority" Sterotype 2005 National Education Association
1900.7103 Booklet Underscores the crucial contributions of this segment of cultural organizations in the cultural ecosystem and toward achieving healthy communites and a healthy democracy Community-Based Arts Organization: A New Center of Gravity Chew, Ron 2009 Americans for the Arts
1900.7104 Booklet Year of New Beginnings Dinner & Auction program and information Year of New Beginnings: Featuring the Art of Cuisine 2009 The Wing Luke Asian Museum
1900.7105 Booklet Describes records maintained at 12 of NARA's Regional Archives that relate to Chinese immigration and Chinese-American travel, trade, and social history from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries Chinese Immigration and CHinese in the United States: Records in the Regional Archives of the National Archives and Records Adminstration 1996 National Archives and Records Adminstration
1900.7106 Booklet Tet in Seattle program Celebrating Ethnic DIversity of Vietnam 2008 Fesival Publication
1900.7107 Booklet Highlights contemporary Portuguese culture Situation Zero: Recent Art from Portugal 2001 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
1900.7108 Booklet A collection of forums given by the prize laureates during the official event sheld in September 1998 The 9th Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prizes 1998 Forums The Fukuoka Asian Cultural Prizes
1900.7109 Articles Survivor of Tiananmen terror Sang, Kyung M. June 1, 2009 The Seattle Times
1900.7110 Booklet A collection of forums given by the prize laureates during the official event sheld in September 1999 The 10th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes 1999 Forums The Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes
1900.7111 Booklet Gives information about books related to museums Museum Studies 2010 2010 AltaMira Press
1900.7112 Booklet Lists activities and things in Naha Naha: Guide Book of Naha City Naha City Office Tourism Section
1900.7113 Booklet Lists Asian related documentaries and descriptions Asian American Media Catalog 2007 Center for Asian American Media
1900.7114 Booklet Kite related articles around Asia Kit Journal 2001 The Drachen Foundation
1900.7115 Booklet Schedules of films of San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 28th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 2010 Center for Asian American Media
1900.7116 Booklet Information of Seattle International FIlm Festival of 2010, film schedule included Siff Guide: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Siff 2010 Seattle International Film Festival
1900.7117 Article Size 7 Sneakers Hard to Fill Robbins, Liza Wednesday, Janu The New York Times
1900.7118 Article 442nd: Rescue of the Last Battalian Takeuchi, Burt 10.31.02
1900.7119 Article Light Shines on festive Hindu holiday Iwasaki, John Thursday, Octob Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.712 Population Trends by Race in the Seattle Area 1900 - 1976 Research and Evaluation Division February 1977 Seattle Office of Policy Planning
1900.7120 Article For the Auteur of Action, a Thoughtful Turn Kehr, Dave Sunday, June 9, The New York Times
1900.7121 Article Belonging on Beacon Hill Large, Jerry Sunday, March 9 The Seattle Times
1900.7122 Article Portraits-East Kong Yick Buildings: Keeping Spirits Alive Bock, Paula Sunday, August Pacific Northwest
1900.7123 Article First Cambodian Presbyterian Ministry
1900.7124 Article Vigil held for victim in 2000 slaying Castro, Hector Thursday, Octob Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7125 Article Urban, hip and Asian? You've got a website Wong, Brad Monday, Februar Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7126 Article Telling the 'Virtue' of Japan's Oskar Schindler Stevens, Robert Monday, May 26, Los Angeles Times
1900.7127 Article Hazel Jay Mar 'The Library Lady' Margolis, Jason Wednesday, Marc The Seattle Times
1900.7128 Article Shooting Stuns Rural Community Porterfield, Elaine Wednesday, Janu Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7129 Article Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - Facts Not Fiction: Setting the Record Straight 2008
1900.713 An Asian American Perspective on Multicultural Education: Implications for Practice and Research Suzuki Nov. 1980 Paper
1900.7130 Article Celebrating Leo's 30th Anniversary June 1, 2002
1900.7131 Article Murder in Hells Cannon Gulick, Bill Sunday, July 1, The Seattle Times
1900.7132 Article The Philippine Monthly Review November, 1932
1900.7133 Article Info about Cameras Eastman Kodak Company
1900.7134 Article 100 Years: the Puyallup Fair
1900.7135 Article Hanamatsuri: The Celebration of Buddha's Birth Northwest Ministerial Association
1900.7136 Article The Dragon Foundation
1900.7137 Article Jump Cuts: Baking on Asia July 22-29, 200 Time Out New York
1900.7138 Article A way of life, erased by racism Glionna, John M. Sunday, Novembe The Seattle Times
1900.7139 Article Hawaii Chinese History Center
1900.714 Greater Emphasis on Early Employment and Better Monitoring Needed In Indochinese Refugee Resettlement Program General Accounting Office March 1, 1983 Report
1900.7140 Article Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
1900.7141 Article New York Chinatown History Project 1982 Center for Community Studies, Inc.
1900.7142 Article Chinese Visitors Seek Roots, Tour Old Fishing Village Site Telfer, Judie
1900.7143 Article In 1886, anti-Chinese sentiment in Washington resulted in the attempted deportation of the Chinese and widespread mob violence. By 1910, by deportation or choice, only 16 Chinese families appeared on the Seattle census. The Chinese must go Lind, C.J. February 8, 197 Tacoma News Tribune
1900.7144 Article The Northwest Mosaic Halseth, James A. and Glasrud, Bruce A. 1977 Pruett Publishing Company
1900.7145 Article First Welcome of Chinese Commission to America Allen, Riley H. April 1906 Washington Magazine
1900.7146 Article Seattle Cigar Manufactory
1900.7147 Article Moving Soon, Rent Raised June 26, 1945 Seattle P.I.
1900.7148 Article A Stroll Down Chinatown Lane Nakao, Annie Saturday, March San Francisco Chronicle
1900.7149 Article Cho funny, but needs broader views White, Bill Monday, May 19, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.715 Asian American Perspectives on Educational Policy: The Hawaii Perspective McGregor - Alegado April 1980 Paper
1900.7150 Article Wing Luke Memorial Museum hires new director Chew, Ron July 6, 1983 The International Examiner
1900.7151 Article Three Years and an Eternity Later Akutsu, Gene
1900.7152 Article The Spin on Asian-American hip-hop Potterf, Tina Sunday, July 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7153 Article Special Asian tribute dinner will feature 11 awards Fujii, Ann September 15, 1 The International Examiner
1900.7154 Article Smith Tower.... Lady With A Past Erickson, Joe September, 1974 Seattle Review
1900.7155 Article Chinese Vegetables Becoming as American as Apple Pie Sing, Bill Sunday, July 6, Los Angeles Times
1900.7156 Article Cold Rush: A tarnished time for Chinese pioneers Patty, Stanton H. Tuesday, August The Seattle Times
1900.7157 Article In A New Light Dizon, Kristin Tuesday, Septem Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7158 Article In like Nguyen Rhodes, Elizabeth Sunday, July 20 The Seattle Times
1900.7159 Article Church finds families for antique altars Ho, Vanessa Monday, Septemb Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.716 Thoughts on Research in Asian American Studies Kagiwada April 1979 Paper
1900.7160 Article Space goes unused as need for housing rises Savelle, Jon Tuesday, Octobe The Seattle Times
1900.7161 Article Nihonmachi, San Francisco's Japantown, 1906-1936 October, 2003
1900.7162 Article Immigrants Now Embrace Homes for Elderly Kershaw, Sarah Monday, October The New York Times National
1900.7163 Article Hitting Their Mark: Asian Americans take center stage in two splashy musicals: one new, the other retooled Berson, Misha Thursday, Septe The Seattle Times
1900.7164 Article Mama's Home Chou, Hsiao-Chign Wednesday, Octo Seatlte Post Intelligencer
1900.7165 Article After 38 years, 'Mama' Saito to close doors of popular diner Eskenazi, Stuart Wednesday, Octo The Seattle Times
1900.7166 Article Hello, Old Friend: Rediscovering Manhattan's Chinatown Asimov, Eric Wednesday, octo The New York Times
1900.7168 Article Smithsonian Makes changes to 'A More Perfect Union" Exhibit After Pair Submits Critique Nakagawa, Martha Sept. 6-19, 200 Pacific Citizen
1900.7169 Article The Historical Geography 2003
1900.717 Bilingual Education Resource Series: K - 6, Vietnamese Multicultural Learning Units Duong August 1980 Report
1900.7170 Article George Yoshida to Be Honored at 'Sensei Live' Poki, Kathy
1900.7171 Article The Nisei Students Worthen, Demis B. Spring 2003 St. Louis College of Pharmacy
1900.7172 Article Chinese Pioneers at Nootka Sound Echtle Jr., Edward Winter 1996
1900.7173 Article History of Chinese in Seattle November 15 - F Wing Luke Memorial Museum
1900.7174 Article Thinning, Topping, and Loading Fiset, Lousis Summer 1999 University of Washington
1900.7175 Article Vietnamese americans: a view of two cultures Chew, Ron Wednesday, Apri International Examiner
1900.7176 Article Testimony Statements September 10, 1
1900.7177 Article Gay Lanterns To Decorate Chinatown Reddin, John J. August 26, 1962
1900.7178 Article How Goes Sodo? Seven, Richard October 19, 200 The Seattle Times Magazine
1900.7179 Article Treasure Islands Befid, Jeanne Friday, Novembe The Seattle Times
1900.718 A Short Guide to Appropriate Transnational Bilingual Instructional Programs Luna Dec. 1979 Report
1900.7180 Article Remembering the wartime exile Iwasaki, John Wednesday, Nove Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7181 Article Making a New Home Hanneman, Mary L. and Hodge, Minh-Anh Thi Spring 2001 Washington State Historical Society
1900.7182 Article Obituary: Liem Tuai, 77, attorney, civic leader, family man Vu, Nguyen Huy Seattle Times Eastside bureau
1900.7183 Article China: Getting to know our neighbor Tuesday, Januar Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7184 Article Grant helping Asian Pacific American alcholics to help themselves Iwasaki, John Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7185 Article Starting the New Year with a touch of old Smith, Angela D. Thursday, Janua The Sun
1900.7186 Article Craving Chinatown Asauareungchai, Christina Sunday, January The Seattle Times
1900.7187 Article They Mourn For Departed Father
1900.7188 Article A Family's Legacy Dillon, Mike Wednesday, Dece North Seattle Herald-Outlook
1900.7189 Article Flower Drum Song Hwang, David Henry October 10, 200
1900.719 Counseling Considerations for Staff Working with Bilingual Students in the Secondary School Adams Report
1900.7190 Article Is race relations and social justice a priority for the city? Woo, Michael 2004, 6, 2-15 Internation Examiner
1900.7191 Article Fred Korematsu, 86, fought World War II internment, dies Luther, Claudia 3.31.2005 Seattle Times
1900.7192 Article For God and country Maynard, Steve 7.3.2005 News Tribune
1900.7193 Article "Fourth Auntie" was a Chinatown fixture Gonzales, Victor 6.4.2005 Seattle Times
1900.7194 Article Chun Ching Hook Sells Out In utte July 9, 1905
1900.7195 Article Seattle Chinaman Finishes Railroad June 11, 1909
1900.7196 Article Native School of the Chinese
1900.7197 Article Children of Chinatown Bedecked In Their Oriental Apparel To Celebrated New Year Februaryb 11, 1
1900.7198 Article Chin Gee Hee To Stay In Orient
1900.7199 Article Chinese American Portraits: Stories from Washington State 1850-1990
1900.7200 Article Michelle Malkin's in defense of Internment: Paving the way for the return of U.S. concentration camps Wright - Alley, Beverly 2005.4.5 Freedom Socialist
1900.7201 Article True to Her Orthodex Beliefs if Not to Her Roots Bronson, Sarah
1900.7202 Article Aki Kurose (1925-1998) Sugiyama, Alan
1900.7203 Article Northwest Asian American Film Festival
1900.7204 Article Resolution 30177
1900.7205 Article Baseball played a significant role in the Manzanar War Relocation Center, a Japanese American internment camp. There are discussions on whether or not to restore the Center's baseball diamond. Baseball meant a lot, say Manzanar internees Molloy, Tim October 26, 200 The Seattle Times
1900.7206 Article The Asianlzation of America Barker, Olivia Mar 22, 2001 USA Today
1900.7207 Article Change of emphasis expected from museum director appointee Talcami, David Dec 19, 1990 International Examiner
1900.7208 Article Bumbershoot festival showcases many Asian and Asian American artists this year Blauvelt, Wm. August 21, 1985 International Examiner
1900.7209 Article A troubling legacy: the sin of silence 8.6.96 The Seattle Times
1900.7210 Article "Color of Honor"
1900.7211 Article Writings on the wall - but is it art? Chin, Leroy Dec 4 - 10, 200 NW Asian Weekly
1900.7212 Article 'API adoptess' stories spotlight Winfrey, Yayoi Lena Jan 22-28, 2005 NW Asian Weekly
1900.7213 Article Ramadan - a time of prayer Castro, Hector Nov. 15, 2001 Seattle P-I
1900.7214 Article Taking in the Work of Tene Yung Praag, Judith Van July 6-19, 2005 International Examiner
1900.7215 Article Tom Ikeda of Densho wins 2004 Humanities award Omori, Chizu International Examiner
1900.7216 Article It ain't easy growing up in Canton Alley Iwamoto, Gary Oct 1976 International Examiner
1900.7217 Article Hiroshima Team tests survivors of atomic blasts Suffia, David June 26, 1989 The Seattle Times
1900.7218 Article Vietnamese Sea rescue by USS Whipple
1900.7219 Article Artist Tsutakawa, actor Takei and activist Kochiyama picked for JA of Biennium awards Otsuji, Eileen Aug 2-15, 1996 Pacific Citizen
1900.7220 Article Val Lago's Legacy left behind in his artwork Enriquez, Lucia June 21 - July International Examiner
1900.7221 Article Still Inspired after fifty years Wong, Dean June 21 - July International Examiner
1900.7222 Article I have a strong faith in humanity, not the system Yamasaki, Sara 11.2.83 International Examiner
1900.7223 Article Visionary founder of ReWa dies Wong, Dean International Examiner
1900.7224 Article Yimou's 'To Live' is China's latest banned epic Omori, Chizu International Examiner
1900.7225 Article Encouraging other women to reach maximum potential Bond, Jacqueline Dec 1994 Internatonal Examiner
1900.7226 Article Totally F***ed Up Satu, Dan Dec 1994 International Examiner
1900.7227 Article Doug Chin Essays Chin, Doug
1900.7228 Article Last few Years no laughing matter for Seattle comedian Mochizuku, Ken Dec 1994 Norhtwest Nikkei
1900.7229 Article Historic Hotel reopens Dec 1994 Norhtwest Nikkei
1900.7230 Article Historic legacy alive and well on Bainbridge Island Bouillon, Donna Harui Dec 1994 Northwest Nikkei
1900.7231 Article Shame and fear haunt a Seattle Muslim Ho, Vanessa Nov. 21, 2001 Seattle P-I
1900.7232 Article Wally Kaname Yonamine, a Japanese American, played professional baseball in Japan. He is being inducted into Japan's Hall of Fame Nisei inducted into Japan's Hall of Fame Saito, John, Jr. March 1994 Northwest Nikkei/North American Post
1900.7233 Article Documentary highlights tale of Chicano taiko drummer Examiner Staff 2/16 - 3/1/94 International Examiner
1900.7234 Article Taul Watanabe: From World War II Detention to Wealth and Position Watson, Emmett Sept 7, 1975 Seattle P-I
1900.7235 Article Left in the Margins: Asian American Students & the No Child Left Behind Act Asian American Legal Defense + Education Fund 2008 AALDEF
1900.7236 Article Made in America Mapes, Lynda V. July 3, 2005 The Seattle Times
1900.7237 Article Despite obstacles, most arts groups are thriving Meyer, Jane July 15-21, 200 Puget Sound Business Journal
1900.7238 Article Shop makes light work Wong, Brad Saturday, March Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7239 Article The Flight Path Less Taken Helm, Kristi March 19, 2006 The Seattle Times
1900.7240 Article Kids tour a bit of local Asian American history Roberts, Gregory Tuesday, Februa Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7241 Booklet Asian Americans talking about their racial experiences IMAGE Fall/Winter 200 Organization of Chinese Americans, Inc.
1900.7242 Article Reviving a neighborhood of the past Ho, Vanessa Feb 28, 2005 Seattle P-I
1900.7243 Article Two films for all ages about Hiroshima Street, Mike Jan 17, 2006 The Asian Reporter
1900.7244 Article Truth about Japanese internment eluded columnist Friday, October Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1900.7245 Article 'Vital' service to U.S. Iwasaki, John Aug 16, 2005 Seattle P-I
1900.7246 Article In harm's way Upchurch, Michael May 30, 1999 The Seattle Times
1900.7247 Article Vietnam on the Internet: a place to share, learn - and reconnect Gilje, Shelby Sunday, May 30, The Seattle Times
1900.7248 Article Information and the celebration of helping link's 10th anniversary Helping Link October 16, 200 Seattle Asian Art Museum
1900.7249 Article Exiled within Guan, Carey February 16, 19 The Seattle Times
1900.7250 Article Doing the right thing got them in trouble Clarridge, Christine Oct 25, 2003 The Seattle Times
1900.7251 Article Adoptees and Identity Ramirez, Marc Jan 23, 2005 The Seattle Times
1900.7252 Article Slow Death Moritsugu, Ken Monday, Septemb The Seattle Times
1900.7253 Article The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
1900.7254 Article Mental Illness In The Asian American/Pacific Islander Community
1900.7255 Article eNews October 2004 4Culture
1900.7256 Article Minidoka Relocation Center - 1945
1900.7257 Article California Vietnamese Outraged By Actor's Punishment Stewart, Ian November 4, 200 The Associated Press
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