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Wing Luke Museum
1997.027.001 Print, photographic Woman dressed in long print dress holding a baby sitting in a metal folding chair. She is surrounded by small children. In background is a table with other adult women . Office environment.
1990.090 Postcards & Album A: 15 China postcards, 11 of Mukden and 4 of people, etc., some tinted B: 70 Japan postcards, people, river scenes, Kyoto, shrines, buildings, some tinted, early 20th c. C: 97 Korea postcards, 63 of people and daily life, 34 of buildings, sites and Seoul, some tinted, early 20th c. D: 12 Philippine Islands postcards, people, scenes, buildings, tinted E: Chinese postcard album, 14" x 11"; black lacquered wood album with dragon on front. Nine pages containing 62 postcards of images of China, early 20th c., black and white and tinted. Chinese style dragon on front is inlay-- a silvery lacquered wood and bordered by an inlay meander pattern which forms a rectangle enclosing the dragon. The contents are as follows: page 1 -- b&w postcard of Victoria Hospital in Hong Kong; b&w card of Chinese boys eating on the hillside in HOng Kong; b&w of St. Joseph's College and view of the peak; b&w of "Chinese Coolies Chow Chow" page 2 -- b&w of the city of Victoria and Victoria Peak; b&w of the botanical gardens in Hong Kong; 2 cards MISSING page 3 -- colored card of "The Astore House" in Shanghai; colored card of a Chinese funeral procession on Queen's Rd. in Hong Kong; colored card of "Union Church" in Hong Kong; colored card of Chinese pagoda in Shanghai. page 4 --colored card of temple in Shanghai; b&w of pagoda in Shanghai; b&w of view of the Bund in Shangahi as seen from the French Twon Twoer, "the principal hotels, banks, clubs, and shipping companies are located on this thoroughfare and it is said to be one of the finest city fronts in the world"; b&w of Boda temple in Shanghai. page 5 -- b&w of public garden in Shanghai; colored card of Hong Kong Harbor and naval yard; colored card of public garden in Hong Kong; colored card of Queen Victoria statue in Hong Kong. page 6 -- colored card of remains of St. Paul's Cathedral in Macao; b&w of public gardens in Macao; b&w of building and garden in Macao; b&w of Porta Carvo, the gate diving Portuguese and Chinese Territory, Macao. page 7 -- colored card of the post office and Macao Hotel on Praya Grande, Macao; b&w of Camoes Grotto, Macao.; 2 cards MISSING page 8 -- colored card of Chinese gentlemen playing the flute, playing chess, drinking, and writing poetry; colored card of Chinese priests in Canton; b&w card of Wa Lum Temple in Canton; b&w of a water clock in Canton. page 9 -- colored card of Chinese procession with long dragon in Hong Kong; colored card of nine story pagoda in Canton; colored card of Tramway Station Peak in Hong Kong; colored card of buildings on hillside in Hong Kong. page 10 -- b&w of the Russian Consulate in Tientsin; b&w of the German Club in Tientsin; b&w of Victoria Park in Teintsin; b&w of view of snow on Victoria Park in Tientsin. page 11 -- b&w of the bell tower in Tientsin; b&w of the fire bell; colored card of rickshaw; 1 card MISSING page 12 -- b&w of elephants carved from stone at Ming Tombs in Nanking; b&w of mastiff's guarding route to MIng Tombs, Nanking; b&w of Canton steamer's wharf in Hong Kong; 1 card MISSING page 13 -- colored card of "Chinaman about to eat a bowl of rice with 10" long chopsticks"; 3 cards MISSING. page 14 -- b&w of MIng Tombs of Emperor Hung-wu (1368-1399), founder of the MIng Dynasty (1368-1644); b&w of city scene in Nanking, rickshaws and buggies are parked outside buildings; b&w of village in Nanking; colored card of cargo junk in Hong Kong. page 15 -- colored card of man leading camel in Peking; colored card of the Forbidden City in Peking; colored card of Legation Street in Peking; colored card of marble bridge at Summer Palace in Peking. page 16 -- colored cad of Ming Tombs, Peking; colored card of man standing in front of staute at the Ming Tombs, Peking; colored card of pagoda near summer palace, Peking; colored card of man standing under tusks of carved elephant. page 17 -- b&w of Wan-Sho-Shan, Peking; colored card of Legation Street in Peking; colored card of horse and cart in Peking; b&w of Korean Imperial Palace in Seoul. page 18 -- b&w of the Grand Hotel des Wagons-Lits Ltd, Peking; colored card of Ketteler Mounument, Peking; colored card of men carrying chair, Peking. Condition: front cover and first page have becom separated from rest of pages and back cover. Spine cover is also missing.
1997.028 Print, photographic Color photographs of the inauguration of Gary Locke. A: Gary Locke and Family B: Gary Locke C: Gary Locke parents D: Locke giving address E: Locke beign sworn in. F: Locke and wife Mona G: Locke and wife giving toast H: Locke giving speech I: the Lockes J: the Lockes
1997.029.001 Photograph Black and White Photograph of Jackson St. Regrade looking North at 7th between Jackson and King. View of Holy Names Church.
1997.029.002 Photograph Black and White Photograph from BEacon Hill looking at Tideflats and piers. On back in pencil "10228 Tideflats, If picture is used for display or in a publication credit must be given to Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA."
1997.029.003 Photograph Black and White Photograph of view of Dearborn Cut going under 12th St. Bridge. Road with automobiles and pedestrians. Steam shovel off to the side. Sign on right side says "West & Wheeler".
1997.029.004 Photograph Black and White Photograph of view of Dearborn Cut going under 12th St. Bridge. Railroad tracks running under bridge and steam shovel digging out path.
1997.029.005 Photograph Black and White Photograph of 821 Main St. which is small frame house with picket fence. Behind it is larger Victorian house with wood siding and stone foundation. Painted in white on photo "Wash 1 - 1, P 82 P, 1 - 10 - 40, 800 Main."
1997.029.006 Photograph Black and White Photograph of Tideflats and South canal from the South. Large frame building on pier and two large tressels running south across Tideflats. Written on the back in ink "South Canal 4 of 5"
1997.029.007 Photograph Black and White Photograph looking up 2nd Ave. towards King St. King St. Station tower clearly visible. Painted in left hand corner "5990 3 - 14 - 28".
1997.029.008 Photograph Black and White Photograph looking up 2nd Ave. towards King St. and the new 2nd Ave Extension. King St. Station tower clearly visible. Painted in left hand corner "7588 6 - 11 - 29".
1997.029.009 Photograph Black and white Photograph of King St, From 5th Ave, looking up King to the East before the regrade. Large stack of pipes to the right side. Man with horse drawn carriage at the bottom .
1990.096.001 Postcard Postcard of wooden shrine structure with a cave (Cave shrine at Enoshima). Wooden plank path with handrails leads to a wooden roofed structure. Rock cave walls are visible on each side. Photo bears name and stamp of temple.
1997.029.010 Photograph Black and White view from Beacon Hill of Seattle and future International District.
1997.029.011 Photograph Black and White view from Beacon Hill of Seattle and future International District. In pencil on back "6021, Views of North Seattle, c 1883 - 4," In Ink "Museum of History and Industry, Seattle Washington, All rights Reserved."
1997.029.012 Photograph Black and White view of King St. looking East.
1997.035.001 Album, Photograph 9 soft cover maroon books titled "Art Work of Seattle & Alaska" The Photographs are: A: Mt. Olympus, Lining a vessel through five fingers, the largest fir in WAshington, The dividing line between Canada & Alaska, Leveling the hills of Seattle to put up skyscrapers, an eskimo belle, second Ave., Bird's eye View of Seattle, Carpet of Moss in the forest near Seattle B: Eskimo Chief, Mt. Rainier from Lake Washington; Giant Fir, bird's eye of Nome, Nativ eHouse - Captain's Harbor, Large Firs, Mickaninies Laundry, Gold Shipment, Tundra Mining. C: Two bits, White Horse Mt. from the north, Road through a fir forest, Family of King's Island Eskimo's, Mt. Anderson, Artic Mushers, Cascade Falls, View of Seattle Park, Polar Bear Hunt, Winter in Little Creek. D: Surprise Falls, Six Artic Natives, large Hemlock, Interlaken Blvd., Eskimo Skin Boat, Mt. Shuksan, Jumbo Mt. & the Stilaguamish, Eskimo Friends, Squak Slough, shoreline in Washington Park, A Day's clean-up of $28,000, E: No. 2 Below, Glacier Creek, Lake Washington from Washington Park, Totem Poll in Pioneer Square, Winter Quarters for Yukon River Boats, Bird's eye View of Dawson, Bridge over Skokomish, Road between Potlach and Union city, Eskimo women, and Mickaninies Nook, Drive in Volunteer park, View near Seattle, Train on Seward Penn., December Sunset, Elwha Canyon, Mt. Meany. F: Mt. Rainier from Electron Flume Line, Cascade Range from Seattle in winter, Captain Amundsen, Crevasse in Nesqually Glacier, Falls on Western Wall of Mt. Shukson, Cape Prince of Wales Reindeer herd, Reindeer eating, Mt. Seatte, Cascade winter scene, First Train over Nome River Bridge, Candle city, Mt. Rainier from Mineral Lake, Olympic Mtns., Rush to copper river District, Midnight on the Yukon. G: Katalla, Terminal at Katalla, Elwha - Quinalt divide, Eskimo Salmon Dance, Navada Falls, Lake Cushman and Mt. Ellinor, Panorama of Seattle From Queen Anne, Seattle Water front, St. Michaels Russian Fort, Doubtful Lake, Lake Chelan, Slucing in Tanana, Poling on Yukon. H: Water Front at Seward, Breakwater at Katallo, Snoqualmie River, Kow Kow Pechuk Tuk, Snoqualmie valley, Squak slough, Siwash Snaring rabbits, Seattle from catholic cathederal, Natural Bridge at Unalaska, McKinley St. Valdez. I: Muir Glacier, Leschi Park, Log drive on White River, Keat Kona, hood river Canal & Mt. ellinor, Skokomish river, juneau, White Pass, Teller,Siwash Family, Siwash Village, Unalaska, Silver Bow Basin Rd. Juneau.
1997.043.167 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph of carved calligraphy tablets in a box.
1997.048.003 Photograph Framed black and white photograph Large group of men sitting and standing on four rows on the side walk in front of a large building with a central entrance that has a curved tile roof above it. There is bunting hanging from second story. The address 383 -385 - 389 are visible. Two of the businesses include "Man Lun Co." "Hong Caf?" The third story has a balcony with a large Chinese character sign across the front. There are a number of women and men on the balcony. At the top of the photograph are printed Chinese characters. "14th Meeting Wong Association Opening Ceremony. All Representatives seated." The photograph is covered with plain glass and has a wood carved frame painted brown. The back has wooden paneling inserted into the opening and held in place with brass tabs which are screwed into the back of the frame. The back is partially painted and has the remains a Chinese newspaper on one side. August 15, 1982
1997.048.004 Photograph Framed black and white photograph three rows of men sitting and standing. The front row is sitting on the floor dressed in Chinese style jackets the rest have on western style suits. They all have delegate ribbons pinned to their suits. On the floor in the center is a lion head mask caskets of flowers on each side of the photograph and the back drop behind them. The back drop has one large American flag, Chinese flag and a smaller Chinese flag in the center. Two banners displaying Chinese characters on each side of the flags. Two sets of phoenixes are displayed above the doorways. At the top are printed Chinese characters set inside a decorative border: "North American Seattle Toisan Ning Young Association Opening Memorial Picture. December 9, 1928. In the lower right hand corner is a number "RR 10833". The photograph is covered with plain glass and framed with a carved wood frame that has a leaf design on the outer edge. Was once painted with silver gilt, but is a dark gray color that has scrapped off in a number of places revealing pink beneath it. A wire is strung across between 2 screweyes in the back of the frame. A black dust cover paper has been removed from the back revealing a cardboard backing held by brad nails. Cardboard removed and replaced with acid-free card, 6/14/99. On the back of the photograph is stamped "Rounds Roaf Commercial Photo Studio, 52 Cobb Bldg., Seattle". Condition: The original backing had some water stains and the glass was very dirty on the front (cleaned with Windex, rinsed with water and dried).
1997.052.040 Photograph Matted black and white photograph. Chinese American family portrait taken at Hamilton (photo studio) [based on information printed on the mat]. Family poses in front of dark curtain backdrop with no props. In the back row stand five adults (female-male-female-male-female). In the middle row two adults (the parents?) and one boy are seated. In the front row three children are seated. The woman at the left end of the back row wears a long sild chinese style tunic/dress. The young men and women to her left wear Western style dress. The clothing appears to be late 19th - early 20th c. Seated in the middle row, the woman wears a Chinese dress similar to that of the woman in the back row. The man and boy seated to her left wear Western style suits. The children in the front row are also in Western dress. The little girl at the center wears a white dress with eyelet collar and cuffs. The boy to her left wears a military style jacket with white leggings and black boots. Printed on the lower right corner of the brown mat is "Hamilton/Colman Bldg./810 First Ave./Seattle." On the back "Chinn We Shing" is written in ball point pen which has run out of ink so that the name is virtually carved into the matboard.
1997.052.041 Photograph Black and white photo in black mat. Businessmen seated at a dinner table in the basement of a building. The men are seated along one side of the table with one at the head. At the center is a Chinese American, Ah King, in a dark suit with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine near the table in his left. Two Caucasians are seated to his left and two to his right. All are dressed in suits and have wine glasses raised, perhaps toasting the man at the center. In the background, two Chinese men wearing aprons stand in attendance. The remains of a feast, including moon cakes and champagne, is on the long table which is covered with newspaper. On the back wall are several cargo crates and some cooking utensils. The dress appears to be earl 20th - late 19th c. The photo is in a black mat with "Webster and Stevens/Seattle, Wn" printed in the lower right corner.
1997.054.001 Print, Photographic 35 graphic black and white photographs and charts documenting the effects of the atomic bombs on Japan.
1990.096.002 Postcard Black and white photo of entry gate of central shrine building; offeratory table under wooden framework from which is suspended a large cloth curtain. Pathway leads to shrine.
1997.055.100 Photograph Black and White Photograph Glued to off white mat of Woo Bing, removed from dark wooden fame and yellowed glass. Black and white studio portrait of Woo Bing dressed in silk damask jacket and robe wearing black satin boots and black satin cap. Sitting next to carved wooden table. On the table are carnations in glass vase in front of five stacked books. Fabric screen stands in background. Grey border printed on the mat and has the name H. T. Furubata impinted on the bottom of the mat.
1997.055.101 Photograph Black and white photograph glued to a mat which is attached to black photo folder Black and white photogaph 7.625 X 5.625 is of Chinese American man in army uniform. Rolled jacket with four pockets epauletts and a stand up collar, metal buttons with eagle insignia, two metal insignia on collar one U.S. one crossed rifles, applied chevrons on upper and lower sleeves. Pants tucked into leggings made of wrapped bands. Simple folding cap. Standing in front of faded backdrop with trees and fancy railing. On the bottom of beige textured mat is printed Peterson COR. First Ave. and Stewart St. Seattle. Below is checkered board square with P in the middle. The photo and mat have been glued inside a black folder which has a textured basket weave front and a white silloute of a woman's head surrounded by a gold frame. The inside protective paper and front cover have been folded back and trimmed to fit into the black wood frame.
1997.055.102 Photograph Black and white photograph glued to grey mat (removed from frame, discarded) photograph 5.5 X 3.75" is portrait of Chinese man wearing glasses in formal suit, white shirt and bow tie. He has a metal button on chest engraved with Chinese characters. Grey mat has embossed border around photo and studio name "Brown 227 1/2 Wash St. Portland Or." impressed into bottom of mat. On both sides are Chinese characters written in black ink giving name, and his status as founder of family or regional association. It appears he is an academic.
1997.055.103 Photograph Enlarged Black and white photograph on Kodack paper photo of three Chinese men and two Caucasian women in open car. Chin key and Ma Dong. Both are dressed in suits and the one in the back is wearing a hat. The woman in the back has a dark dress with a white collar and the woman in the front is in a white blouse. Behind them are trees and telephone poles.
1997.055.104 Photograph Black and white photo glued to grey mat Photo of four rows of men standing and sitting in front of East Kong Yick building (Freeman Hotel). They are dressed in suits, and written in photo below the group in white Chinese characters indicating a meeting of Kuo Min Tang group to commemorate the visit of Lin Sen, President of the KMT in 1916, In second row from front, sixth from left is Goon Dip. Impressed into the mat below the photo is " K.E. Nordland Seattle, Wash." The photo has been removed from dark brown wooden frame which has carved decorative edging.
1997.055.105 Photograph
1997.055.106 Photograph Copy of black and white photo on a mat. Photo of three Chinese men in suits. Chinese characters in black ink above and below the photo. Man in center is Moi Bok - hin and the man on the right is Goon Dip. Photo was presented to the --- --- Toi San association. Photo removed from wooden frame.
1997.055.107 Photograph Black and white photograph of men and boys with lion heads in front of building. All but two men dressed in costume. One row stands behind with younger boys in front row on either side of lion head mask. Behind the group is tall banner. The building has balconies and has two men looking down at the camera. Balconies and building decorated with bunting and the American flag and the Nationalist Chinese flag. The printing on the window is partially obscured ... Ning Young Benevolent association. Above the door is printed Chi Kung Tong Free Mason 315 1/2. Written along bottom of photograph is a band of Chinese characters "May 5th, 1930, the opening of Los Angeles Ning Young family benevolent Association, Lion Dance Group Memorial" .Photo attached to grey textured mat with cardboard backing.
1997.055.108 Photograph Black & white photograph mounted on white card stock mat Photograph is sepia colored approximatley 8.25 X 10.25", shows three rows of men and one woman standing or sitting in front of family association building. The men are dressed in western suits and ties. The brick building is hung with banners and bunting in the center of a doorway are the American and Chinese flags. Above a doorway on the right is written "Chee Kung Tong Freemason 315 1/2 ,Association in Los Angeles Ca." Glued to cardboard backing and has a grey textured paper mat on the front.
1997.055.109 Photograph Black & white photograph in grey mat. Photo shows fiverows of men in suits women dressed in Chinese clothing, and a lion dance team in uniform sitting in front row. In the center front two girls stand on either side of lion mask and there is a drum on one side. Behind them is brick biolding with windows and storefronts. In the center a banner on the building has Chinese characters " The Opening celebration Toi San Ning Young Family Benveolent Association". It hangs over a garland which has numerous American and Chinese flags. The store on the left is "Yee Lee Co. 241" , on the right is " On Wo Co. 237" . Two standards, Chinese characters and decoration are visible at each side of the picture. Photograph is glued to cardboard backing and has grey mat on front which features two dark decorative bands, and stamped in lower left corner "Logan Studio, Stockton, Calf."
1990.096.003 Postcard Black and white photo of view of Enoshima island showing wooden bridge across water. Small boat with people can be seen near bridge. Behind is one end of the island. Houses are near water's edge.
1997.055.110 Photograph Black and white photograph glued to a mat backing Sepia colored photo 7.75" X 9.75" shows three rows on men in western suits sitting and standing in interior of family association building. Behind the men is a large American flag, a portrait of Chinese man in a suit with two small Chinese flags on either side. There is a clock on the right and two large framed signs with Chinese calligraphy. There is bunting on the wall and streamers extending to chandalier in center, white Chinese characters on bottomof photo : "March 2nd, 1929, Toi San Ning Young Family Benevolent Association in Portland, Oregon". The photo is glued to dark grey mat with black border. On the left and right of the mat are black Chinese characters " This photo is presented to Seattle's Ning Young Family Benevolent Association by Portland's Ning Young Benevolent Association" On the back of the matting are squares drawn in ink.
1997.055.111 Photograph Framed black and white Photograph attached to a mat. A: Sepia colored photo 5.75" X4", of young Chinese man dressed in military uniform with many medals on chest. He is sitting with hands on lap. The photo is glued to cardboard backing that is beige and discolored in places. On the mat under the photo is printed in red: "Bann's Studio - Shang Hai" Beneath the photo are Chinese characters in black ink: "This picture of Huang u - pei was taken during the Japanese invasion of Shang - Hai 'This historical event is called the 1-2-8 event, Mr. Huang was the lead pilot who led nine aircraft to fight the Japanese on Feb. 5, 1932. He has come to the USA to observe the development of its airforce and is happy to see some old friends. He gives this photo to comemorate this meeting." In upper right corner " From Huang u-pei to Huang Family Benevolent Association July 29, 1932" B: Frame, 10.75" X 8.75", Carved wood with grooves on front and the inner edge is bevelled in towards to middle painted gold. Glass in held in by two nails and an eyescrew in the top has cotton string through it. C: Cardboard backing, 8" X 10". Dyed black on one side.
1997.059.002 Slide Color slides of Mien Food, Gardens, New Year, Cooking Utensils, Families, Grocery Foods, Refugee Camp Life, ESL Classes, Mien Life in US apartments, clothing, food.
1997.060.003 Photograph Black & White photograph of Gordon Hirabayashi Gordon Hirabayashi as a student at the University of Washington sitting on stairs outside brick building. He is wearing two tone sweater with zipper front, white shirt and tie, and rimless glasses.
1997.060.005 Slide, photographic A: Color slides of various individuals of the Japanese American community of Dee & Odell, Oregon in the Hood River Valley. B: Portrait of Sherman Juvinall in green cardboard folder.
1997.060.005 C Photograph Black & White photograph of Sherman Juvinall. Portrait of him in Suit and tie.
1998.004.001 Photograph This long photo has four rows of members of the Wong family. The 1st row is seated. they are on the street in San Francisco Chinatown. In the background center are American and Nationalist Chinese flags. To the right is the Wing Fung & Co. and to the left the Bing Kong Tong Free Masons; the Ying Young Co. In the upper left hand corner written in Chinese is: "July 4, 1942 San Francisco Wong Family Benevolent Association 1st Convention. In the upper right corner: "Combining Jiang Xia Tang association and Uen Shan GAong Association to form Main Wong Family Association. Jiang Xia Tang originally from Hubei. In the left corner is the symbol fOr May's Photo in English and Chinese.
1998.004.002 Photograph Black and white photograph of participants of the Wong Family Association in New York in 1945. There are five rows of men and women standing on risers in a building. The front row is seated. Along the bottom is a black label with white Chinese characters.
1998.004.003 Photograph Black and white photograph of participants of the 2nd national Wong Family Association convention in New York in 1945. There are five rows of men and women standing on risers On a stage. The front row is seated. Along the bottom is a black label with white Chinese characters.
1998.009.001 Print, photographic Caucasian man standing wearing straw hat leaning on stone wall. wall was reportedly built by Chinese labor in 1860s.
1990.096.004 Photograph Black and white postcard titled "Sea coast of Enoshima". Picture of the beach with ocean boat pulled up on beach with a group of fishermen hauling in fishing nets. Enoshima is a small island connected to the mainland by a causeway southwest of Tokyo.
1998.011 Photograph Black and white photograph copy Photograph shows three rows of men; most of the men standing in the top row are wearing dark uniforms with stand-up collars and have very short haircuts; most of the men standing in the middle row are wearing western suits, ties and white collars; the men sitting in the front row are also in western suits except for the older man in the middle who is wearing kimono and hakama with a bowler hat. There is Japanese writing on the back in blue ink. A note which accompanied the photograph says "Photo taken on the 9th year of Taisho era or Oct. 1920. Taken in the Okuma Teien's Garden. Okuma Shigenobu (Koshaku rank - very famous) front center. Seattle Mikado Club and Waseda University Baseball Club." Mary Shigaya's father is second from the right in the front row.
1998.024 Photograph Black and white photograph of Goon Dip in wood frame with glass Photograph is glued onto an embossed cardstock mat. Goon Dip is dressed in an western jacket, tie and shirt and the portrait is from the waist up. There are handwritten Chinese characters on both sides of the photograph and the name of the photographer "Brown, 227 1/2 Wash. St., Portland, Or.". The frame is dark brown stained carved wood, 3" in width, with a scroll carving along the outside of the frame. The back is covered with black paper; two eye screws with hanging wire between. The paper mat is water stained along the bottom and some on the top.
1998.027.001 Photograph Enlarged black and white photograph of Madame Chiang Kai Shek in frame Photograph has a beige mat and on the bottom are black Chinese characters "Luck Ngi Music Club as a group gave photo to Djurn Sum Mai Ling" (sp?). Gold painted wood carved frame with low relief scroll design in the corners, partially painted green and red, connected by a black line, frame recedes down to the photograph. Covered on the back with brown paper which is torn, 2 thumb tacks with white string strung between them; written in pen "Via Dexter Gallery, 2-75".
1998.027.002 Photograph Black and white photograph, framed. Frame removed. Photo of a street scene in San Francisco, in background is the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, on either side of the front of the building are KMT banners, striped awning between two banners, in the middle is a portrait of Madame Chiang Kai Shek with the words "Welcome Mme. Chiang Kai Shek, March 25-28", in front of the building is a gate decorated with flowers, Chinese characters across the top, standing in front of the building is a large group of Chinese and Caucasian people watching as two automobiles pass in front, in the foreground are San Francisco Police motorcycles. Across the bottom of the photograph are hand written Chinese characters in black. Carved wood frame painted gold scroll work around outside edge, glass front, 2 eye screws on top of frame, cardboard backing attached with masking tape. Written in pencil on the back "Luck Ngi Opening Music Dept." and "Welcoming Mme. Chiang, 1935 at S.F." Given to the Luck Ngi Musical Club.
1998.050.001 Print, Photographic Black and white photographic print with matte finish Japanese American soldier on the left of the photograph is handing a folded American flag to an older Japanese American man in the center. there is a Japanese American woman with her head bowed to the right. the soldier wears the torch patch of the 442nd Regiment. the background, which is out of focus, has a memorial wreath next to the soldier. On the back the donor has written in pencil " this photo was taken around 1950 - 53, in Seattle. At that time I was a photographer in the U.S. Marine corps. MB" The donors address and phone number are written in pencil on the back and there is also an address with an American flag stuck to the back of the photo.
1998.057 Photograph Six sepia photographs found in the collection of Yuri and Pat Tatsuo Nakata possibly taken by Kyo Koike. A: H: 6.25", W: 8.375", Black and white sunset or rise over a body of water. A pine is on the right in the foreground. A row of pines is seen across the water in a silhouette. A fallen tree lies in the foreground. B: H: 8.875", W: 7.625", Photo of lone seagull on water. The water is calm and the color changes from the bottom of the photo to the top. From a silver glisten to black with gradations in the form of globules of light. C: H: 9.75", W: 7.75", Photo of glacier on Mt. ? . Top of mountain is clear and sunny. In the foreground right is the top of a rise and in-between this and the glacier is a low bank of clouds. D: H: 10.375", W: 8", Photo of the sun reflecting off the surface of a body of water. A play of shadow and light. Along the bottom of the photo are three bushes seen in silhouette. Around the right edge and top are shadows from trees on the shore. E: H: 6.875", W: 9.75", Photo shows a lake with low mountains in the background. There are three cherry trees in bloom in the foreground and a small pier going out into the lake. Grassy foreground, cloudy sky. F: H: 9.5", W: 12.5", Sepia photo of a seagull on the shore as the waves recede.
1998.060.040 Photograph Photocopy of photograph of Chris Mendalvas Black and white photocopy of chris Mendsalvas in later years. He is wearing light and dark cotton shirts, and a plaid overcoat.
1998.060.044 Print, Photographic
1998.070.001 Photograph Black and White Mounted Photograph Reproduction "On Main Street" , H: 9.375", W: 6.25", Three women standing at the bottom of steps to a house. A hill rises sharply in the background. The women are wearing dresses and hats. One on the right holds a purse and a baby. The woman on the left is Mrs. Mori, in the center Mrs. Noji and on the right Mrs. Kurose with Hugo, Jinx Kurose's brother, who married Aki Kurose. The women are identified on the back and the photo is labeled #3. Next to Mrs. Kurose's name is written: "Teacher Japanese Language School".
1998.070.002 Photograph Photograph "Issei Ladies on Silver Eagle Tour", H: 6.5", W: 8.5", Five elderly Japanese - American women stand in front of Silver Eagle bus. From left to right they are identified as Yorozu Kumasaka?; Mrs. Terao; Murako Kato - Aki Kurose's mother; Mrs. Tanabe. Written on the back in pencil is "Mrs. Terao", "Mrs. Tanabe", in black pen is: "Yorozu" and "Murako Kato", and written along the bottom in blue pen is "Issei Ladies on Silver Eagle tour" and "Yorozu - Kumasaka ? - Terao - Kato - Tanabe" above "kato" is "Aki Kurose's mother". The number #18 is written in red in left hand corner.
1990.096.005 Photograph Black and white postcard of Ejima shrine at Enshoima. Stone path leads to temple building which has a wooden roof. To the left is a small building, to right a bamboo fence around shrubs.
1998.070.003 Photograph Black and white photo reproduction. "Mr. and Mrs. Kinomoto", H: 6.875", W: 8.5", Japanese - American man and woman seated at a table. A large bouquet of flowers sits before them. The man is wearing a dark suit with tie and boutonniere and the woman is wearing a dark dress with corsage. Venetian blinds are behind them. On the back of the photo is written in ink: Mr. & Mrs. Kinomoto". In pencil is written : "Nancy, 622-7785", and stamped across the end of one side is: "DEMONSTRATION PROJECT FOR ASIAN AMERICA 810 18th AVENUE, SEATTLE, WA 98122" the number #17 is marked in red pen in bottom left corner.
1998.070.004 Photograph Black and white photo reproduction, "Mrs. Kinomoto", H: 7.375", W: 8.875" Close up of Japanese-American woman with combed back hair. She is wearing a kimono with one under kimono and a jacket Haori. On the back written in ink is: "Mrs. Kinomoto" and the number # 15 is written in red in the lower left corner.
1998.070.005 Photograph Black and white photo reproduction. "Kato and Kuose Family", H: 7.5", W: 6.25" Family photo outside standing in front of automobile. From left to right there is a man in a suit and tie, hands in front pockets, glasses and short hair; An elderly woman stands in front wearing dark overcoat, gloves, hat and glasses; Behind her is a tall man in suit and tie, short hair; next to him is a woman in glasses; almost directly in front of her is a young woman in a short sleeve smock and glasses; and almost in front of her is a young woman with short hair and glasses wearing a sweat shirt. Written on the back in dark pen is: "Left to right, Haruo Kato, Junelow Kurose, Fusaye Kato Funai, front, Murako Ohamura Kato, Gwen Funai Jefferson, Kathy Kato." Next to Junelow Kurose's name written in blue pen is "("Jinx" - Aki's husband)", and stamped across the bottom in black ink is: "DEMONSTRATION PROJECT FOR ASIAN AMERICA 810 18th AVENUE, SEATTLE, WA 98122". Written in red in the bottom left hand corner is: "# 16".
1998.070.006 Photograph Photograph F: "Yoshino Family?", H: 9.5", W: 7.375", three children posing for portrait. From left to right is a young girl standing in light color short dress, wearing heart pendant; a young boy sitting in a wooden chair wearing pants, a medium color shirt, and a dark scarf type of tie; a young girl stands next to him wearing a dark dress with white collar and a bow on her left side, she also has a heart pendant. On the back written in pencil is "Yoshino?"
1998.070.007 Photograph Black and white photo reproduction , "Mori Family" Family portrait from right to left: On the far right a man dressed in three piece suit sits on wicker chair, a young woman stands next to him in belted dress with lace collar; a young girl stands to her right in a short white dress; a middle age woman sits on bench wearing long dress with lace collar; standing behind her is young woman in dark dress; sitting on same bench is a young woman in long dark dress. Written in ink on the back is: "Mr. & Mrs. Mori" and then in blue pen is: "Mary Bette Pat Jeanne". In the bottom left hand corner is in black and red " # 8".
1998.073 Photograph Black and white photogaph of the Gee How Oak Tin Family Association Meeting Two rows, one standing and one sitting onfoldoignchairs, in front of the Gee How Oak Tin Association building. Red, white and blue banners and bunting hang above. There is an electrical shop to the right and the address is 515. The men are all in suits and ties and have a ribbon , name tag and carnation on their lapels. Across the front painted in white are three horizontal rows of Chinese characters.
1998.098 Photograph Black and white photograph reprint on matte white paper. The photograph is of the funeral of Mr. Lin. There are two rows of men and one woman. The back row stands and the front row sits. All are dressed in dark suits and or clothes. There is a large portrait of Mr. Lin in the center of the back row. Eight boquets of flowers are along the front of the stage. On either side in the background are 2 scrolls of calligraphy. Around the photogrpah of Mr. Lin is a floral arch with 4 Chinese characters above it. Across the bottom of the photograph in Chinese is the date and the event. On both left and right margins are black Chinese characters. There is a singl square blue seal in the lower left corner.
1998.106.001 Print, Photocopy Color photocopy of Canton alley Shows three people sitting on a wooden bench, a woman on the left with hat and sweater, a small child next to her and a woman on the right in dark jacket. The photo is looking from Weller to King St. between 7th & 8th at a wooden garage (behind the bench) owned by Louie Loy. The woman on the right is Mrs. Dong, a tenant, ( son is Gin Dong, evangelist) The woman on the left is Mrs. Eng who lived on the south side of Canton Alley (mother of Yip eng & Mary Sue & June). written in pen across the bottom is "Everybody's happy"
1998.112.002 Photograph Black and white photograph The photo shows the inside of a tote bag factory. It has wooden floors, concrete support poles and factory lamps. Rows of women sit at sewing machines, most facing the camera. Stamped on the back is: "MORTON AND PEEL, Comercial Photography 1004 Marquette Ave. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN"
1998.114.006 Photo Tinted brown photo of Chinese-American man in suit and tie and horn rimmed glasses, combed back hair. Portrait style photo. H: 7" W: 5"
1990.096.006 Photograph Color tinted postcard of three young Japanese ladies. Girl on left wears a cloth on her head, an apron, and is sweeping with a broom. Middle one wears kimono, one on right is cleaning post. This black and white picture has been hand colored.
1998.130 Photograph Black and white Photograph Bob Santos in an office during his 1973 campaign for city council. He is standing by a desk. There is a blond woman across from him and three other women stand to his left. The photo is lined for cropping and on the right margin is, "B" and "50%."
1998.141.002 print, photographic Black & white photograph of actress Maria Batayola feeding actress Gloria Pacis with a large wooden spoon, while the director, standing behind them in a hat, directs the action.
1998.141.003 print, photographic Color photograph of a theatre cast standing behind a low table with 8 cylindrical objects. Behind them is a cutout paper tree.
1998.141.004 print, photographic Color photograph of 4 male cast members. Behind them is a brown paper cutout tree.
1998.147.001 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph of a Chinese American man standing with one foot on the runner next to a model A Ford on a brick paved street. He is dressed in a coat, bow tie, sweater vest and slacks. Written at the bottom is "1932"
1998.147.002 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of a Chinese American man sitting in the driver's set of a Model A Ford. Written in pen on the bottom is "1932"
1998.147.003 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of a Chinese American man holding a large salmon . On the bottom is "1935" and in Chinese "Caught a large salmon"
1998.147.004 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of two men standing with a large salmon hanging from the end of a building drain pipe. Written on the bottom is: "1935" and in Chinese "Glad to have the large Salmon"
1998.147.005 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of five Chinese American men standing in front of the doorway of a Ford car repair garage. All are wearing coatsand hats. Written in the right hand corner is "Davenport June 6, 1936" and in Chinese at the bottom: "Waiting for car repair"
1998.147.006 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of two Chinese American men standing near the water tower in Volunteer Park in front of a flower bed forming the date "1937"
1990.096.007 Photograph Hand colored postcard showing three Japanese women washing and drying a kinono. Girl on left spreads fabric on board to dry, one on right washes in a wooden bucket.
1998.147.007 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of the cast and crew of a Chinese Opera production. To easch side is a decorative wall hanging and above a KMT logo and stylized Chinese characters.
1999.004 print, Photographic Color photograph of Greg, Ben Ling, & Cassandra Tuai
1999.006 Photograph Black and white photograph of Boy Scout Troop 54 Troop poses in uniform in front of the Chinese Baptist Church on S. King St. Nine scouts stand in the back row and six knell in the front. Five boys not in uniform squat in the front.
1999.015.001 Print, Photographic Chinese Baseball Club
1999.016.001 Print, Photographic Ruby Chow and Governor Evans
1999.020.001 Print, photographic Black and white studio portrait of Clarence Arai in his Army reserve uniform. Autograph: "To My Most Beloved Yone, Always & Ever Clarence" 6/1/29
1999.020.002 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of members of the 1924 University of Washington Law School class at their 30th reunion. Held at the Artic Club on June 15, 1954 in Seattle.
1999.020.003 Print, photographic University of Washington Law School class of 1924 anniversary.
1999.020.004 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of the ist reunion of the Mikado baseball club.
1999.020.005 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of a reunion of the Mikado baseball club in Seattle. It is at a dining table at a private home. Attached on the back is a typed paper which lists the persons and says: "New Year's Banquet and Reunion of the Mikado Old timers"
1977.009.025 Photograph 3 sepia toned photographs of a Chinese pilot in the cockpit of an airplane with 2 propellers. Pilot is earing a military cap and has his arm through the window of the plane.
1990.096.008 Photograph Group of 8 Maikosan (Apprentice Geisha) on the engawa (Veranda) of Jap. wooden frame building dressed in kimono. At top, hanging lantern seen.
1999.020.006 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of a group of men judging entries in the Seattle Times amateur snapshot contest.
1999.020.007 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of of a meeting during the Japanese American Citizens League convention in Seattle in 1930. It may be in the Rainier Heat & Power building Bush Hotel, as that was the location of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. In the back is an american flag and portrait of George Washington. framed calligraphy along the walls.
1999.020.008 Print, photographic
1999.020.009 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of Yone Arai Bartholomew at ellen Kanto Hotel grounds where she served tea while she was attending Santa Barbara State Normal School. she is in a kimono and standing next to a rock on a lawn. On the back is printed: "enlargement from negative of G.W. Burnett, San Francisco And is signed "Best Wishes to Yone from G.W. Burnett, Marjory Burnett"
1999.020.010 Print, photographic Black and white photograph of the staff at Canlis Restaurant. The owner Peter Canlis stands with the wait staff, Asian American women dressed in kimono. The chefs are in the background. 11/2011: Fourth from left is Shima Onishi (Hoshisaki, married name) . Photo taken in the 1950s.
1999.020.011 Print, photographic Photograph of Mt. Rainier and the Lake Washington Floating Bridge shrouded in mist.
1999.021.001 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph of the deck of a ship. In the background is a higher deck, ladder going down to deck where a number of men are standing or sitting eating bowls of rice. Some men are weaving hats and some are bare-headed, and they have shaved foreheads and queues. Written on the back of the photograph in pencil is "Steerage SS Siberia" on one end.
1999.021.002 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph of the deck of a ship. The ship is steel and the deck is wood. In the background is an upper deck, with a roof and ventilation ducts. Seated on the lower deck are men eating. Most of them are wearing hats and dark clothing. Written in pencil on the back of the photograph is "Steerage S.S. Siberia".
1999.023 Photograph Black and white matte finish photograph. Large group of men and women stand andsit in front of a large brick building. There are some on the balcony above the door also. Above the door is large banner in Chinese and English: "Fourth National Convention of the Eng Family Assn." To either side fly flags ; one U.S. and one Chinese Nationalist. Down the columns of the portico are banners in Chinese surrounded by flowers. Etched above the doorway is: CHONG WA BENEVLENT ASSOCIATION" Above the photograph in black are two lines of Chinese characters. Written in pen in English near the some people on the left is: "Wal Eng; Don Yee; Sandra Eng" and written near the center is: "George Yee; Ping"
1999.028.009 Photograph Black and white photographs of Hong Kong Storefronts. A: Image is of a storefront with glass on either side. A man is walking in front with rolled up pants and carrying a fan at his head. There is a sign in the window with three Chinese characters. There is another sign above the door with two Chinese characters. On the back written in pen are two vertical rows of Chinese characters. B: Image of a storefront with doors open and shelves on the sidewalk with goods displayed. A number of people are walking by. There are two signs, one above the door and one to the right of the door, both in Chinese. Above the Chinese on the doorway sign is a line of Roman letters. On the back written in pen are four rows of vertical Chinese characters.
1990.096.009 Photograph Photo of 11 Geisha, mostle maikosan, dressed in kimono, in wooden boat, thatched roof from which red paper lanterns are suspended, white pattern. In a river, wooded hillside behind, pink trees. Appear to be an outing of apprentice geisha, accom. by geisha (right). Boat parties common.
1999.035 Photograph Black and White Photograph and Strip of 5 Negatives 1: Copy of original print, H: 5", W: 6.375", three young Chinese American men seated on the grass playing musical instruments in front of a building. The man on the left side of the photo is Willard Jue dressed in light shirt, pants and hat and a dark sweater, kneeling on the ground playing a ukulele; the man in the middle is James Leong dressed in light pants, sweater and hat, sitting cross legged on the ground and holding his palms together under his chin, two banjos and a flute are propped up in front of him; the man on the right side of the photo is Albert Chin dressed in dark pants and light shirt, kneeling on one knee with the other leg bent and foot on the ground, leaning over playing a mouth harp. On the left is the lower part of a tree and in the background is a white shiplap building with a large wooden door (Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham). The photograph is glued to beige matboard, 6.5" x 8.5". On the back is an exhibit label reading "The jazz band at the Pacific American Fisheries in Bellingham rehearsing after work, 1926. From left: Willard Jue on ukulele, James Leong on banjo, and Albert Chin on mouth harp. Willard Jue Photograph Collection". There is also writing in pencil on the back which gives the same information as the label and also indicates this photograph was "used in Chinese Med. Exh., WLM 1984". B: Negative strip of 5 photographs. The above photo A is 17A on the strip. From the left: 2: 18A - negative of the same 3 men with instruments in a different pose; 3: 16A - negative of the same 3 men standing in front of a tree; 4: 15A - negative of 2 men with tennis rackets sitting on the ground; 5: 14A - negative of 2 men dressed in shorts and tops (track and field?)
1999.038.097 Print, Photographic Photographs of charcoal drawings of a man and a woman. A: Portrait of woman with hair tied back. She is wearing circular earrings with disks. She has on a dark jacket which buttons at the center of the collar and then at the right side. B: Portrait Charcoal drawing of a man. He has short hair parted on one side. He is wearing white shirt, tie and jacket.
1999.041.001 Photograph Black and white photograph on cardboard of Wing Luke, Kaun Onodera and Harry Schwartz. The black and white photograph is printed on thin cardboard. It shows three men in suits presenting an award. The men are from left to right: Kaun Onodera, Harry Schwartz and Wing Luke. Schwartz holds a Kiwanas International award in his hand. A Kiwanas banner hangs behind them. At the bottom of the photo printed on a white footer is "Kuan Onodera PRESIDENT 1965" and then written in ink is "Harry 'Capt' Schwartz Wing Luke" On the back is a red stamp: "GRADY & JENTOFT 1212 4th Ave. Olympic Hotel Bldg. SEATTLE 1, WASH MA.3 - 5377"
1999.041.002 Photograph Digital reproduction of black and white photograph. The photo shows three boys sitting on concrete stairs looking at the camera. The oldest is wearing a sweater vest and tie. This is Kaun Onodera. Next to him is his brother Satoru and sitting between his legs is Yutaki. Written on the back is "July, 1932, Satoru, Kaun & Yutaki, 21st Ave. & Yesler Way."
1999.045.005 Print, photographic Two black and white photographs of Liem Tuai. A: 5" x 7" Liem Tuai at a microphone with Dick weston bhind him on a ball field. Little league player stands around the base line. B: 5" x 7" Dick Weston, Liem Tuai and a young boy. weston and the boy have on baseball caps. Weston and Tuai hold donation envelopes and the boy holds currency behind them. The donation is for: "One Share Preferred stock In a Boy's Future 50 cents donation."
1999.045.011 Album, Photograph Album of 35mm negatives and proof sheets black and white prints of the International District
1999.045.012 Print, Photographic Three black and white prints and two negatives of Liem Tuai with the architects of Hing Hay Park behind a model of the park. Includes the business cards of Joseph Lee and David Lin.
1999.054 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph shows a man and a woman standing in formal western wedding clothes. He has on white shirt and tie and and long coat and holds gloves in his right hand. She has on a white dress with lace, veil and is holding a boquet. The print is attached to 2 pieces of cardboard matting. At the bottom of this is printed "Toyo Studio, Seattle WN" There is a tan paper over leaf attached to the matting. Written in pen on the overleaf is: "To Dear Little Bertha From Frank T. Yamashita, Aug 29th 1917" The photo, mat and overleaf are inside a grey textured folder with a full size right side and ahalf page left side. On the outside of the left side is a gold embossed design made up of leaf patterns.
1999.055.010 Photograph Black and white Scene from Chinese Opera shows two performers a man and a woman. Both have on elaboraqte costumes and he has on a hat with two long pheasant feathers. He kneals behind her and she looks to the other side with her hands pointing that way.
1999.055.011 Print, Photographic Black and white photograph of cast of Chinese opera "Love Affair in Jade Palace" performed as a fundraising function for the Chong Wa Association.
1990.096.010 Photograph View of Nagoya Castle, from moat. Moat wall is of stone. 5 story castle built on stone base. Walls of med and straw stuck on woven reed lathing tied on wooden framework. Roof tiles are clay.
1999.055.012 Print, Photographic Color photograph of Chinese opera performance A man and a woman dressed in costumes stand in front of a microphone.
1999.055.013 Print, Photographic Color photograph of man and a woman in costume performing a Chinese opera at the 25th anniversary of Gong I.
1999.060.063 Print, photographic Sepia colored image of a man sitting and holding the reigns of a two horse drawn wagon. The wooden wagon in on a dirt road with rails in the center. The photo has some surface damage - scratches and marks.
1999.060.069 Postcard Sepia colored photograph postcard of a white woman sititng on a bed. She is in her undergarments with one leg bent and resting on a chair.
1999.060.071 Postcard Black and white photograph postcard of a nude caucasian woman She is standing in water with her hands outreached reeds growing in the water.
1999.060.072 Print, photographic Black and white photograph postcard of a nude caucasin woman standing in a pond. Her hands are behind her head.
1999.060.073 Postcard Black and white photograph postcard of a nude caucasin woman standing next to a tree, wiht one harm up touching a leaf.
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