Tour participants might not have noticed it on Day 1 of the Chinese Heritage Tour of the American West. But food and water magically appeared at different intervals as the bus rolled down the highway.

Think sandwiches, cookies, Vitamin C candy, Chinese candy, chips, chocolate mints, fruit gummies, crackers, bottled water, peanuts and granola bars (different kinds). In fact, you might have forgotten that some of these munchies existed had you not sat down on the tour bus.

So what do these supplies look like?

Well, they sit in the back of the bus – and Ng, Aleta Eng, co-tour leader from the USDA Forest Service, Josh Heim, a Wing Luke staff member and the youth interns pass them out.

Above, you can watch Dorothy Ng, tour coordinator, talk about the efforts to keep the bellies and minds of the 35 tour members content. Photographs are below.

After a few days, it probably dawned on tour members: Man, there’s a lot of food on this bus.

When you’re out on the road, in the American West, for a week, that’s a good thing.