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A group of us from the Chinese Heritage Tour went out for dinner Thursday to a Chinese restaurant in Eastern Oregon.

I think many of us had cravings for some tasty Chinese food – fresh vegetables, braised meats and the like. I sat at the end of the longish table and looked up to see a plate full of three browned patties with what looked like gravy or cheese on top.

I thought: Who ordered salisbury steak?

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Ask anyone who has traveled – either for a day or for months – about the best way to begin.

The most common answer might be: With delicious food, engaging conversation and a full belly.

As in: Chow down on gastronomical delights prepared with the best ingredients in a mouthwatering, brain-pleasing, smile-inducing, let-me-try-some-now, please-get-out-of-my-way way. In other words, cuisine prepared just-like-they-make-it-back-at-your-grandparents’ house.

For Wing Luke Museum guests and Chinese Heritage Tour participants, this evening will be one in which nine good, old-fashioned Chinese dishes will appear on tables at Four Seas Restaurant in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.

To top it off, guests will hear about the links that tie food, history and places in a talk given by Maxine Chan, a Seattle cultural specialist and food anthropologist.

Pretty good, huh?

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