YMCA Summer Camps!!!

YMCA B.O.L.D. – Boys Outdoor Leadership Development – is offering professional youth workers the opportunity to award scholarships for our summer Mountain School.  Our 5 – 14 day backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, mountaineering and outdoor photography expeditions provide an opportunity for boys 11 – 18 years of age to develop communication, decision making and multi-cultural leadership skills through outdoor adventure, challenge and fun!  Information about our exceptional and affordable programs can be found in this brochure or www.ymcaboys.org.

To award a scholarship for 90% ($350)off the cost of a summer expedition follow these three simple steps:

1) Fill out the attached scholarship award letter.

2) Have your student pick a trip from this brochure (http://www.ymcaboys.org/expeditions.php) and fill out the pre-registration form.

3) Mail or fax both forms to Andrew Jay, BOLD Director at the address below.  Your student will then receive this scholarship!

If you would like for me to do a presentation along with my sister programs for girls at your school or program please send me an email or give me a call at 206.587.6119.

Please note that the following trips have limited availability:

The Lyrical Chef: Backpacking, Cooking & Music (3 SPOTS LEFT!!)

7/28–8/11        Currently in 9-12th

Come explore the joys of music and cooking on this two-week odyssey. Run in partnership with our sister program for girls this is the only CO-ED trip at BOLD. With a pack full of instruments and delicious  ingredients, you will learn how to backpack in style. Some musical experience is required and a desire to learn how to hike and cook is necessary. Though much time will be spent jamming, cooking, and eating, be prepared for some challenging hiking over the spine of the majestic Cascade Mountains that will reward you with beautiful campsites, natural concert halls and a soak in the legendary Goldmyer Hotsprings.

Pacific Crest Backpacking and Photography (7 SPOTS LEFT!!)

7/24-30            Currently in 6-8th Grade

Journey to the Pacific Crest, the highest part of the Cascade Mountains. A land of stunning beauty, jagged peaks, and alpine meadows, this expedition is perfect for learning the essentials of backpacking and outdoor photography (cameras provided). Working with professional photographers and mountain guides

you will learn how to navigate across this beautiful landscape and record your travels in clear, crisp video and photos. This expedition has the most spectacular views and coolest campsites of any level one BOLD trip. To reach them you will be challenged and will have to work hard, but after you reach the top of the

Pacific Crest and capture images of this incredible landscapes you will know it was worth it.

The Great Canadian Rock Climbing and Rafting Adventure (11 SPOTS LEFT!!)

7/3-14 or 7/31-8/11     Currently in 8th-12th Grade

For this expedition we sought out the best place to do the most rock climbing, learn the most climbing skills, and climb the longest routes we do at BOLD. This challenging expedition travels to the legendary cliffs and rivers of British Columbia, Canada where you will learn all aspects of rock climbing from the fundamentals to the more advanced climbing techniques all while you develop a strong foundation in

multicultural leadership and outdoor living. These skills are then tested at the end of this expedition when your team takes a whitewater rafting trip down the Squamish River. No climbing experience needed. Birth certificate and photo ID required to cross the border.

Backpacking, Fishing & Leadership (7 SPOTS LEFT!!)

7/30- 8/12       Currently 8-12th

This expedition explores the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, a land of staggering beauty, with long trails on mountain ridges, crystal clear lakes filled with fish and beautiful mountain vistas. This expedition traverses this wilderness, traveling from lake to lake and learning all aspects of backpacking, fishing and outdoor living. You will be challenged often and in doing so will develop your leadership and communication skills, skills that you will put into practice as you manage the team for a day. This expedition has the most fishing and has the strongest leadership focus.

Backpacking, Mountain Climbing & Leadership (8 SPOTS LEFT!!)

8/15–8/28        Currently in 8-12th

The challenge, glory and beauty of the Cascade Crest come together on this exciting mountaineering adventure! You will venture high into the Cascades to work with veteran climbing guides learning the skills necessary to safely travel in the mountains. As the journey progresses you will have an opportunity to summit peaks, learn how to rock climb, and develop the multi-cultural leadership skills necessary to thrive in college and beyond. This is one of the most physically challenging expeditions BOLD offers, but also one of the most rewarding. Do you have what it takes?

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