The Awesome Jonathan Wakuda Fischer!

If you haven’t heard of him then you obviously never seen his art. His art is made of spray paint and stencil to make contemporary art in the style of traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints.Not only that but:

“I explore many things through my art- in both technical and humanistic qualities. The former in terms of concepts like originality in repetition and modular design, and the latter in terms of historical/cultural interpretations and examining the hybridity of 21st century existence.” Said Jonathan.

I spent time with Jonathan last summer as he thought us how to spray paint “Effectively” and make Kimonos on canvas and our own Vinyl designs. Well guess what he’s back again to teach the youths again in the following summer! He’s gonna be teaching us to make papercraft to examine the nature of enviroment, place, and history. I asked if the youths will enjoy this and he replied “You’re right they’re probably gonna hate it” I think its fun! Plus there was nothing negative about the question >.> Anyways hes hoping to teach the youths some new things and technologies hoping the youths themselves to also gain something from it. And I’ll be making him coffee…by going down to Starbucks :D

Jonathan will have some fun stuff in store for the orientation but that is a secret and for you to find out..

Here he is using spray paint to bring life to the stencil he made.

P.S He has a awesome tattoo. Oh and if you wanna know more. Enter his studio at


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