Day 1: Destination Washington DC

For this week King and I will be your virtual tour guide showing you all the interesting aspects of Washington DC.

The time spend flying here was epic. It was four hours from Seattle to Georgia. We then had to transfer and board a different airplane. The best way I could describe the experience would be a mixture of sitting on a school bus while staring at Google maps. We also make a pit stop and ate a pretty good Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

The time difference here is about 3 hours so the day went by extremely fast. We rode the Washington DC Metro (the Subway) and then walked to the extravagant Liaison hotel. This hotel is worth an estimated value of $899 per night.

It’s almost midnight but, we had one more food moment. Right below in the lounge area we ate dinner with some of Josh’s peeps. They met earlier in a Washington DC conference. Those two were from the organization San Francisco Writers Corps. We had a lively conversation and tomorrow you will see us hanging out again. So stay in tune because the fun is just beginning!

But… the real question is, why are we here? Well, we’re going to have to keep you guessing for now, but we’ll give you a little excerpt from someone pretty important.

“You are truly a role model to those whose mission it is to progress the lives of our youth through the humanities.”-Patty Muray

Now, we’ll tell you more as we go along, but stay tuned to our blog. We’ll have more to come. Most likely all the time.

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