Earthworks Field Trip – Recap!

What a blast we had on our trip on Tuesday!

Here’s a recap of what we did -

After trekking down to Kent via bus, we headed to the Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks by Herbert Bayer.  How neat that the whole site can act as a dam!  The rolling “wave” hills, bridges and other man-made land structures were built to interrupt the flow of water in the event of a flood or storm, but for us they were awesome obstacles in a huge game of hide-and-seek tag.

After exploring Mill Creek Park, we again boarded to bus to a different earthwork by Robert Morris.  To reach Johnson Pit #30, we huffed and puffed up a huge hill – but the view at the top was definitely rewarding!  Located on the site of a formerly abandoned sand and gravel pit, the earthwork was a perfect and challenging playing field for a three-sided game of capture the flag.  Even though Robert Morris made the work as part of a widespread “land reclamation” effort, YouthCAN reclaimed the earthwork for its own purposes, too!

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