Day 3: THE White House

Day 3: The BIG unveil.

If you haven’t heard, it’s been a great day for YouthCAN.

The big surprise was that we had received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Programs award from the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I will tell you that the moment that we met her was a moment I will never forget.

The day began with a small breakfast, followed by a bus ride to the White House. When we go there, we had to pass through FOUR different security checkpoints, which was spectacular. The ceremony itself was amazing, and the full footage can be found here:

After we accepted the award from the First Lady, we proceeded to mingle in with the rest of the crowd. There were MANY celebrities in the crowd, but we were asked NOT to request pictures from them, so unfortunately, no pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker, Forest Whitaker, or Edward Norton. However, I was lucky enough to be able to MEET these figures. Josh and I were actually able to receive a short inspirational speech from Yoyo Ma.

The food was also incredibly delicious, and after the reception, we returned to the hotel, where we hung out with our friends for a while, before heading to Union Station for lunch. We hung out with Nicole, Michelle, and several others, including Jamel Williams, and Rebekah from RiverzEdge, who work with disenfranchised youth, giving them the chance to earn money through the arts. Jamel does pretty good silkscreening work, so give them a look. They won the award too, so they’re pretty awesome:

Afterwards they left, and we attended a local celebration for the NAHYP award, and then proceeded back to the hotel. Now we’re chilling out after this crazy day, and hoping you have enjoyed the blog posts up until now.

Thanks guys!

We’ll see you soon, and look out for more blog posts!


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