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For roughly the past 300 years, people of color in the United States have been fighting for equality and social justice.  In the year 2010, we see great progress in the fight for equality through the unity and resistance of the past generations.  Though not yet fully equal, today, people of color are obtaining opportunities in education people of generations before could only dream of.  As the current generation, it should be our duty to further the steps of equality for people of color in the United States.  In doing so, one of the main steps would be to improve our educational system and give more opportunities of higher education to people of color situated in poorer communities.  However, this goal of equality and higher education should not just be concentrated in the United States. For over 20 years, the Civil War in Uganda has prevented children from receiving a good education. Many children are growing up in a society where war is life and equality does not exist.  This is why it is important for us to try and provide the children of Uganda with higher education for they be the ones who will restore peace and equality among their people.
This being said, here is a chance to help the youth of Uganda fight for social justice through education.  Newport High School is hosting a breakdance battle where all proceeds go to the Invisible Children Charity which will provide better education to the youth of Uganda. This is a stepping stone in the battle for world wide social justice, a battle the youth (you) of today will play a lead role in.

Also there is breakdancing! Local bboys are showing there passion through dance by three on three battles.  Helping promote education and watching local bboys perform…what could be better?

Hit Mario up if want to go and need transportation

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