That’s Messed Up, Yo…

Friday, October 30, 2009 – Sunday, January 31, 2010

This exhibition marks the exploration of milestone and movement among young people within Seattle’s Asian Pacific American community. Drawing on personal archives, nine high school artists reinterpret their messy pasts and suggest creative futures that are not ruled. Original works of collage, drawing and text are featured.


Exhibition Sponsored by: Comcast, Marguerite Casey Foundation and the Wing Luke Asian Museum Annual Fund Donors


That’s Messed Up, Yo…

Our world is ruled by parents and adults. They think they understand our problems and our thoughts. We are always written off as an ignorant and rebellious group of emotionally unstable children, but our age isn’t all that we are. This exhibit represents the lives of teenagers; of our thoughts, emotions, and passions.

Through our artistic exploration this summer we were able to express ourselves in different ways. YouthCAN gave us the opportunity to interpret ourselves into art.

From the end of June to the end of August, each of us brought items that have relations to our milestones. From music sheets to nunchakus, we gathered items to create our own personal archives. Through workshops of Voice and Movement with our teaching artist Trinidad Martinez who helped us explore different sources of communication. Once every week we did an urban walk, through Discovery Park and James Washington memorial in the Central District. We all took our own individual paths to come back together at the end of our journey. We created art that reflected best represented ourselves, but as we explained the reasons behind our pieces, we found that there was something a little messed up in each of our pieces.

This summer allowed us to reflect on ourselves and understand who we are now, and through the workshops in YouthCAN Summer Experience we created art that enveloped our personalities. We hope that in this exhibit other youths can find someone to relate to and the adults can finally understand. Our differences brought us together to create this exhibit, which bonds us together forever.

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