Style. This word has infinite meanings to each individual, but to us, there is one. In order to understand our style, you can think of it as a flower. A flower begins as a seed, as time passes it begins to grow and roots are formed. These roots are surrounded by different elements such as earth, sun and water, and each element contributes to the flower’s development. Finally, through all the influences of the different elements the plant finally blossoms into a beautiful flower.

Our style is the flower. The flower’s roots symbolize our roots, heritage and tradition. As time goes on, we are exposed to different forms of culture each influencing our decisions and thoughts. These influences, such as aspects of urban life, are the elements that helped the flower grow. The vinyl’s have our family crests on which represents our personality, our families and ourselves as a person. In the end, the flower blossoms – like the personal crests that surround this wall spray painted on vinyl records – from a combination of its cultural roots and the unique qualities of the place we drew up in – the city of Seattle.

This is the same for us: our style is a combination of our heritage and the influence of street art we have been exposed to. The Kimono used in our art was chosen as a representation of our heritage. Our teacher Jonathan Wakuda Fischer expanded our knowledge of street art through the use of spray paint, canvas, vinyl and Mylar.  With the roots of our heritage and the influence of street art we were able to produce works of art that express our style, a style has been truly created From the Ground Up.

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