Okay so what was that exactly? It’s an EXHIBIT called “Mad Homes” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s basically 5 houses which became vacant and are going to be destroyed for an up coming apartment complex. Instead of just being there, artists decided to do something with them and did all that. It’s pretty amazing really.

Oh and guess what’s even better!!! YOU CAN TOUR THEM FOR FREE. Tours are everyday until AUGUST 7 and they go from Noon-7PM!


More info on here: and here:

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Earthworks Field Trip – Recap!

What a blast we had on our trip on Tuesday!

Here’s a recap of what we did -

After trekking down to Kent via bus, we headed to the Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks by Herbert Bayer.  How neat that the whole site can act as a dam!  The rolling “wave” hills, bridges and other man-made land structures were built to interrupt the flow of water in the event of a flood or storm, but for us they were awesome obstacles in a huge game of hide-and-seek tag.

After exploring Mill Creek Park, we again boarded to bus to a different earthwork by Robert Morris.  To reach Johnson Pit #30, we huffed and puffed up a huge hill – but the view at the top was definitely rewarding!  Located on the site of a formerly abandoned sand and gravel pit, the earthwork was a perfect and challenging playing field for a three-sided game of capture the flag.  Even though Robert Morris made the work as part of a widespread “land reclamation” effort, YouthCAN reclaimed the earthwork for its own purposes, too!

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What is environmental heritage?

Hey YouthCAN!

Here are some thoughts for you all as you spend your Summer Studio time thinking about earthworks and environmental heritage.  Perhaps they will help you come up with your own ideas about environmental heritage and inspire some of your art-making!  Look out at the bottom – I posted the images from my presentation if you want to look at them on your own.

  • The land is kind of like the ultimate keeper of history – it has been a witness to change as well as had change made to it by both people and natural forces.
  • When people move to different geographic locations they create new histories, homelands, and heritages for themselves on those lands. Specific areas or locations become places where people create their identities and shape their own stories.  That’s what ENVIRONMENTAL HERITAGE refers to – people’s connection to the land and how their own cultural heritage is tied to the geography they inhabit.
  • The land also provides natural resources needed for survival – people need to plant crops, farm and collect water in order to keep on living!
  • Many artists create work involving the land to analyze and critique human activity on our earth and how we are destroying, using up, or mistreating the land that we live on.  Artists like these often want to move beyond just creating art that has a visual effect or purpose, and pursue projects that create social change and stir other people’s consciousness about how we treat our earth.
  • Some artists physically manipulate the land and other natural objects and materials to create work that highlights the possibilities and wonders of the natural world.  For example, some artists create work that is meant to be outside and left open to the elements so that it changes over time, and some artists build new structures within untouched spaces to challenge the ways we generally think about nature.

APA Earthworks Artists

Here’s my presentation if you want to check it out!

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This is so educational!

Here are the powerpoints from my lectures this summer. Take note that I had to “downgrade” them for the originals exceeded the maximum upload size for the site.

Japanese Picture Brides

To America



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Seattle Young People’s Project – YO! Institute

For those of you who aren’t going to be busy with YouthCAN Summer Studios, here’s an awesome opportunity to become involved with social justice organizing!

SYPP’s Summer Youth Organizing Institute is an 8-day intensive camp from August 15-22.  Applications are due July 22!

Are you a youth ages 13-18?  Tired of seeing injustices all around you? Fed up with being mistreated because of your age, race, sexuality and/or gender? Well, come to the YO!,  an 8 day social justice training camp for and by youth.    Just fill out the 2011 YO! application- pdf (2011 YO! application – Word doc) by July 22nd to be considered.

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Reception @ Art on the Ridge

After the opening at City Hall. I had another reception to go up north called “Art on the Ridge” This reception was being hosted by Sahar Fathi, City Council member Mike O’Brien’s assistant. I had to speak to those who attended about the art that we did over at Qwest Field for the Green’s Festival. I was really nervous due to the fact I never spoken through a mic and hear my voice. I pretty much just talked about what happen that day of orientation, what youthcan is about, and my experience being a Youthcan member and being one of the new YouthLeads. It was fun nonetheless because they offered to have the art being sold and having that money going towards YouthCan and the Wing Luke.

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15 More Days….

Until Youthcan summer studios!

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