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A: One letter and two envelopes. ".... I will not present superficial expressions" on the envelope. "Greetings to who opens the letter! I did not realize that it has been months since i bowed to say farewell to you. I suppose you must be dwelling in a glorious state, and the source of money has no obstruction. Pretty soon you will be able to return with glory, which will be something worth cheering and rejoicing. Wheras I come to this ... country. There is neither great opportunities nor ways to make a living . In every harbor there are heavy crowds like ants the labor market is extremely gloomy. In the future there will certainly be lamentations on hunger and coldness. Moreover, in my hometown, I still owe other people money and day after day the interest is getting higher. I will not be able to repay the debt in the future. This situation is really a pity. There is very little good will in the world and I have no way to borrow money but to waste my life here. Once you receive this letter please respond immediately. I hope you can include papers with the trade mark of your place. So .... Lian he is now dwelling in the city of Xining. He is waiting with a sincere heart hoping to follow you when you return. The papers with trade marks and good news you sent earlier I already delievered to him personally.... is now living at the rear tower of Lian's aunt. This is what I want to take this chance to inform you. Paper is too short to contain all my feelings. I will wait till next time to announce more good news. Wish you golden peace. For Shi he to receive and examine. Year of dong (1907) Xue guang. " B: One letter and one envelope. to Mr. Shi he Eng of Zee Tai Co. Port Townsend. "We are close to each other like brothers so I do not present superfical greetings to you who opens the letter. Thinking of you from afar, you are so high above in a glorious state, everything goes as you wish. Hands filled with gold, you are victorious in the east, wealthy and satisfied, this is truly something that should be celebrated. On the 11th of the ninth month I came on board in Seattle and sailed until the 8th of the 10th month. I have arrived at Hong Kong and had been in peace along the way. My brother's young daughter Ya-o has a match with the son of Li Yan nan of Ji an village, Song zi lang. Li Yan nan sent money home from New York and asked for marriage several times. Your family members sent messenger asking me to write a letter immediately to ask you opinion. Do you want them to wait until you return home to marry your daughter? This is what we want to take this chance to inform you. After you receive this letter, please repond so we will not be waiting anxiously. For Shi-he brother to examine. On the 12th day of the 12th month of the year Xin (1912) Seal: "Stationary of Yi zhan Eng"
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