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Envelope - Archives

A-E five Chinese Envelopes F- K western style envelopes A: From Li Rujiao . Port Gamble to Li Mengren B: From: Li Ruzhe, Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong to Li Rujiao C: From: Xinning to Li Rujiao, Gom Hong Co. D: To: Li Yao E: To: Li Rujiao, From: Ruliang. Washington F: To: Li Rujiao, Gom Hong Co.709 King St., From: Ruliang G: From: Lee Yun, Port Gamble, To: Lui Wo Ching Co. PO Box 22, Guaymas, Mexico H: To: On Yuen Co., Nom Ching St., Sai Ning See, Sun Ning City, Canton, China, From: Lee Yew, Cook House Port Gamble, Wash. I: To: Shizhen Eng, Gom Hong, 709 King St., J: To: Quong Kee & Co., 323 PaAve., NW Washington DC K: To: On Yuen &Co., Li Ximing, Sun Ning City Canton, China. L: From: Get Kee & Co., 109 1/2 Adamas St., PO Box 205 Port Townsend, Wash., M: From Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co, 1335 Third Ave., Seattle To: Lee Yau. Cook House. Port Gamble Washington. N: From: Pacific Coast Dry Goods Co., O: From Gom Hong Co., To: Kan Yen, Port Gamble. P: From: Gom Hong to Kim Yen, Port Gamble. Q: From Zee Tai & Co. PO Box 27, 330 Water St., Port Townsend, Wash., To: Kam Yen, Cook House, Port Gamble, Wash. R: From: P.A. F, Bellingham, Wash., To: Lee Yaw, Cook House Port Gamble., S: To: Gom Hong Co., 709 King St., Wash., T: From: Tie Fung Wo Co., Wines and Liquors, Oakland, CA, To: Li Rujiao, Pacific Coast Dry Goods August 10, 1912 U: From: Wing Cheong Kut, Hong Kong, To: Li Rujiao, Mo Rongjun, Pacific Coast Dry Goods. V: From: Wing Cheong Kut, To: Gom Hong Co. W: From: Canton, China, To: Gom Hong & Co. X: From: Sun Ning City, Canton, China, To: Gom Hong. Y: Lay Wo Ching & Co., Guaymas, Mexico. May 16, 1913, To: 418 8th St., Seattle, Wash. Z: Per SS Empress of Japan, To: Gom Hong & Co., 418 Wash. St., Seattle, Wash.,
Envelopes from/ to Mr. Li Rujiao
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