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Translation of letter: Father your excellency under your knees. The first day of this month Shang Yu brother came. I have received the ham and a gold ring you asked him to bring back. I hope you keep yourself healthy away from home. Everyone in the family is healthy. I don't worry. On September 22 we have added a new baby girl. We have changed her name to Ya Rong. Do you agree? Now, every country is doing big cleaning. The bandits in the right Dou mountain have been cleared. Every village is vigorously arresting the bandits. Now, it is very peaceful here. Yesterday, two bandits were executed by shooting to warn the others. There were lots of bystanders. I am not able to tell you the rest. Wish you golden peace. The Seventeenth year, November ninth. Signed your son, Shang Lian Zhen Tong
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