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Letter "Ever since we shifted loyalty to the side of righteousness bandits act wildly without restraint. They rob everywhere. Rice, wood and oil are much more expensive because merchant ships do not dare to travel owing to the bandits problems. Therefore, every port in our Ning county has no rice for sale. It is difficult for people to survive. Our household is having financial difficulties and the money you sent in the mail was stolen by robbers. hence the budget of our household is extremely tight. It is my hearty hope that you can send money back home immediately to meet the urgent need. At this time both elders and youth in our household are fine. Please do not waste your exquisite thoughts on us. I returned home recently for the New Year, and will depart for business in the first month. Father wrote for the third son Rujiao to read and keep. It was written by me personally without using a seal. On the sixth day of the last month. "
Letter to Rujiao from Li Denglin his father.
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