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Chinese envelope and letter From Huang Shi of Liantang Village to Li Rujiao. "Mother Huangshi's words for my child Rujiao to learn of. It has been a few years since you traveled afar to make money. Our family members think of you often. As your mother I lean against the gate of our village eagerly awaiting your return. If you have accumulated additional money for boarding a ship please return to our village soon to satisfy our family member's longing and comfort mother's heart. You traveled afar to make a living. You should walk along the righteous way, and not indulge yourself in peculiar things. You should be careful in doing everything and be frugal in order to accumulate gold and silver for sending home to support your wife and children. Denglin is still a young newcomer .... You should teach him till he becomes a capable man. You brothers should live in harmony, work together to make a living, so people will not laugh at you."
Letter to Li Rujiao form his mother Huang Shi
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