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Envelope and two letters. A: Chinese envelope, addressed to Shanglian Wu (Eng) B: Letter to Shanglian Wu from his wife. "Words offered up to Shanglian my worthy husband for examination. Greetings! We have received the money you sent home earlier. Please do not worry. I heard that you are planing to have a Second Uncle go over to the port. Hope you consider it throughly before you take action. You are brother's when you are young, but you will become two households in the future. Our boy is now a teenager, he can go abroad to make a living too. It is better to take Hongxin to the port first. At this time everything is getting expensive and we all rely on income from foreign counties. six or seven months had passed since we received ten dollars at New Year. There was also five dollars sent home for food, but it is very difficult to meet our need. Hopeyou can take ship back to Tang, (China) I will entrust things to you. The 18th year of the Republic, 12th of the Fifth month, Your unworthy wife, Li Da." C: Letter to Shanglian Wu Eng from his son. "My great father, kneeling, I respectfully report to you. The money Mr. Shiman took back to us has been stored safely. You did not send any message to us. We were eagerly expecting . Is it because there is no ink for sale and no paper for sale in the United States? Years ago, we were an extrended family. It was Grandmother who took charge of everything. Recently we have separated into different households. Nobody is taking care of family affairs, and there has been a lot of unbearable gossip, which will be unbelievable to you. Now, my great man has been abroad for more than ten years. You must have accumulated a lot of gold, and have prosperous business. I regret that we are confined at home, just like Confucius was confined in the state of Chen. My great man sent a letter instructing my sister and I to enter school. We have done as you instructed. However, my great man never takes care of our family affairs. We have neither tuition nor food funds, so we are looked down upon by others. The money grandfather sent home was not enough for us. And we have no way to borrow money. Not even from Second uncle nor Aunt's husband. Hope you understand that two brothers will become two households after they grow up. Now I heard that my great man accumulated what you earned from more than ten years work to pave the way for second uncle to fo to the United States. If you really did so, Mother, sister and myself will plan to make our own living. It is our greatest hope that you will deliever messages often and send gold and silver frequently. So our family members will not become famine victims. Respecfully, I offer this mesage to you. May you enjoy Golden Peace. The 18th year, the ninth of the fifth month. Son, Hongxin"
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