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Chinese bill translated as: Your patronage is welcome June 5th buy things 27.90 yuan candy 2 boxes 0.65 yuan June 28th buy things 3.20 yuan August 3rd 3 jars of wine, Jia Pi Trademark 10.50 yuan another small one 0.25 yuan August 27th 4 jars of wine, Jia Pi 11.20 yuan September 5th buy things 17.00 yuan November 6th buy things 22.25 yuan December 19th buy things 15.90 yuan January 16th, 1930 buy things 17.00 yuan Total you owe 121.85 yuan New balance 121.85 yuan To Mr. Eng Shi Bao January 28th, 1930 Jing Xiang Store As this bill present to Mr. Eng, Shi Bao, Mr Eng has paid 121.85 yuan to Mr Hu at the same time
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