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Translation of the letter: Father your excellency under your knees respectfully report: I have received the one thoudand dollars plus the $250 dollars you sent through Lian Chang. I have carefully stored it, please don't worry. I have also read the letter. We will not be able to use the money right away. Last year we have already chosen the date to start the construction. However, the workers were on strike, the construction was delayed. They will not be able to lay out the beam until Feb. 25th. At home, from grandmother down everyone is fine, please don't worry. Please eat well, take good care of yourself. Last year, shang Quan returned home and told us that you have planned to sponsor us to go to US this year. Please let us know your plan. Please don't worry too much about us.Since I am running out of time, I will end my letter here. Wish you golden peace. Feb. 21,the 20th year of Republic of China signed:your brother Shang Qien
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