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Wing Luke Museum
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Figurine - Artifacts

Hakata Doll -- Kneeling Archer with Bow A: Pottery figure with left bent knee, kneeling on right, drawing bow position with left arm straight out and right bent at elbow. Painted dark complexion, gray hair tied in back in pony tail (tie is made of white cotton cord tied in a knot), off-white painted finger nails. Gray eyebrows and goatee, wrinkled forehead, outer eyes and mouth, yellowish brown eyes, black outlined lids, burnt orange colored lips. Clothing consists of short brown kimono with white diamond shape mon (family crests) on top, wide open front, sleeves pulled up to elbow, white undergarment visible at neck and sleeve ends; mustard colored hakama pants with black floral (karabana) stencil on front, off-white belt around waist tied in front. Sword handle in bright green with three gold and red diamond shapes on the side, gold cap on upper handle. Grayish blue tabi with red dot design on exposed right foot. Hole in bottom. B: Bow, L: 13.75", made of bamboo, painted in matte black and red alternating bands, with green center band, bow is bent at both ends and tapered to a point, yellow cotton thread attatched to one end, the other end is loose so it can be strung through his hand and attached to bottom of bow.
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